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O D___Great War Lit Study Guide
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O D___Mount Mercy College Iowa -notes
O D___Miss M90 -notes & model essay
O D___Another AL teacher’s blog -notes
O D___Tusitala private tutor -model essay
O D___University of California -ace Powerpoint
O D___LeHigh University Pennsylvania -notes
O D___Film Education -notes, mostly history etc
O D___Teachit -chapter by chapter questions
O D___Studying English Lit book
O D___Guardian Book Club -notes
O D___Wikipedia -teacherly notes

O D___Sawtry Community College Student Essays
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O D___Ali -Chapter 16 Prezi
O D___Corey -review questions
O D___Maggie -Rivers essay
O D___John -gender essay
O D___Matt -book & history notes
O D___Alice -Owen poetry & book
O D___Cristina -Owen poetry & book
O D___Adi -commentary
O D___Heidi -violence essay

O D___More Advanced
O D___Mise en Abyme -paper from Czech conference
O D___Embodying Losses -aerticle from Critique journal
O D___Working Class Masculinity -article from Genders Online journal
O D___Traumatic Memory -article from French journal Interferences
O D___Heavy trauma theory article from Australian Cultural Studies Review 2015
O D___Deconstructive Study -article from Spanish university journal Trials
O D___Analogy in Regeneration -article from War Lit & the Arts journal
O D___Review article from Gravesiana journal
O D___Review article from US magazine New Republic
O D___Review article from New York Times
O D___Novel Approaches -website for Institute of Historical Research ‘virtual conference’
O D___Podcast from Novel Approaches website
O D___Shell-shock article from Novel Approaches website
O D___Reading log from Trauma & Philosophy blog
O D___Reading log from We Can read It For You Wholesale blog
O D___Reading log from Zhiv blog
O D___List of ‘tropes’ in the book from TV Tropes website

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O D___Speak Its Name website
O D___Concise Companion to Contemporary British Fiction book
O D___Fan fiction on An Archive of Our Own website

O D___University Dissertations
O D___Women’s writing & WW1 -Brazil MA
O D___Trauma in WW1 novels -Canada MA
O D___Intimacy in modern women’s writing -Chester PhD
O D___Masculinity in the trilogy -Ghent MA
O D___Englishness & Gothic -Leeds PhD
O D___Narratives of Trauma -Leeds PhD
O D___WW1 & postmodern memory -Belgium PhD
O D___Masculinity in trilogy -Czech BA
O D___Values after WW1 -Czech BA
O D___Regeneration of Billy Prior -Czech BA
O D___Globalisation, history & realism -Melbourne PhD
O D___Silence & trauma in contemporary fiction -NZ PhD
O D___WW1 & Lit -Ohio BA
O D___Alienation -South Africa MA
O D___Reciprocal Haunting -Sweden PhD, published as book

O D___Books
O D___Pat Barker -Contemporary British Novelists
O D___Pat Barker & the Mediation of Social Reality
O D___Critical Perspectives on Pat Barker
O D___Companion to the British & Irish Novel
O D___Retrovisions: Reinventing the Past in Film & Fiction
O D___Ethics & Trauma in Contemporary British Fiction
O D___Traumatic Pasts: History, Psychiatry & Trauma
O D___Collective Traumas: Memories of War & Conflict
O D___Vital Signs: Feminist Reconfigurations of the Body
O D___Rethinking Visual Anthropology

O D___Pat Barker
O D___Canadian TV programme
O D___Open Book -BBC Radio 4
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O D___Oxford Encyclopedia of British Lit
O D___Modern British Women Writers book

O D___Film
O D___Complete film in nine parts on YouTube
O D___Chapter on adaptation in Critical Perspectives on PB book
O D___Article on adaptation from Lit Film Quarterly journal
O D___Film Education -notes for students

O D___Shell-Shock
O D___BBC History website
O D___Notes for Inside Out programme, from BBC website
O D___Article about Dottyville from Journal of Royal Society of Medicine
O D___The war poets at Craiglockhart -from Craiglockhart website
O D___Worksheets on The Hydra, from from Craiglockhart website
O D___More examples from The Hydra
O D___Shell-shock in WW1 Lit -article for students from The English Review
O D___Historical details etc from Heritage of the Great war website
O D___Example case-studies on history teachers website Spartacus Educational
O D___Article on treatment from Royal College of Psychiatrists journal
O D___Short explanation of shell-shock from psychoanalysis for beginners book on Hysteria
O D___Chapter on shell shock from The Female Malady, book by Elaine Showalter
O D___Notes for students on the war & psychology, from the Freud Museum
O D___Brief notes on Freud & Regeneration from the Freud Museum

O D___WHR Rivers
O D___WHR tribute website
O D___Counter Attack website
O D___Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives & Museum blog
O D___Article in Royal Society of Medicine journal 1993
O D___Article in Royal Society of Medicine journal 1998
O D___Article in British Psychological Society journal 2001
O D___Article in James Lind Library Bulletin 2004
O D___On the Repression of War Experience, by WHR
O D___Internet Archive