O D___

O D___Whole film streamed on Novamov website

O D___Basic
O D___Wikipedia
O D___1992 version of script
O D___1994 version of script
O D___Useful fan website
O D___Flashy fan website

O D___Textbooks & Lesson Notes etc
O D___Lesson notes chart comparing Seven, Blue Steel, Dirty Harry & Chinatown
O D___Plot summary from The Films of David Fincher book
O D___Plot summary & basic semiotic ideas from Language of Film textbook
O D___Very basic worksheets on narrative etc from English teachers website Teachit
O D___Analysis of narrative from old AL Media Studies website
O D___Exam questions from Pennsylvania State University

O D___Seven: The Ultimate Film Guide
O D___Notes from book for AL students by Leeds schoolteacher Nick Lacey, long out of print
O D___Characters
O D___The Seven Deadly Sins
O D___Style & Technique -including analysis of final journey sequence
O D___Seven as a Commercial Product
O D___Extract applying various narrative theories to Seven, from another book by Nick Lacey

O D___Seven: BFI Modern Classics
O D___
Extracts from shrewdly thoughtful, elegantly written, neatly structured little book by Richard Dyer
O D___Sin
O D___Story
O D___Structure
O D___Seriality
O D___Sound
O D___Sight
O D___Salvation

O D___Title Sequence
O D___Good quality video on Art of the Title Sequence website
O D___Video & good notes on Forget the Film, Watch the Titles website
O D___Video & brief notes on Antypography website
O D___Video with audio commentary on Deep Focus website
O D___Video with commentary on US Museum of the Moving Image website
O D___Short extract from book on The Changing Face of Evil in Film & TV
O D___Article about designer Kyle Cooper from Wired magazine
O D___Interview with Kyle Cooper on Thunder Chunky website
O D___Video of interview with Kyle Cooper on D&AD blog

O D___Production Details
O D___Long but interesting account of the production process & audience reception from book on The Films of David Fincher
O D___Celebratory article about the production process from Hotdog magazine
O D___David Fincher interview articles from Sight & Sound & Film Review magazines
O D___Interview with scriptwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, included in the published script
O D___Article by Chris Darke from Sight & Sound magazine, discussing Darius Khondji’s cinematography
O D___Article from industry magazine American Cinematographer, discussing Darius Khondji’s cinematography

O D___Reviews
O D___1996 review from US film industry magazine Premiere by Ryan Gilbey 1996
O D___1996 review of (pre-DVD) laserdisc from serious US film magazine Cineaste
O D___1996 review from New Statesman magazine by Jonathan Romney
O D___1996 plot summary & review from Sight & Sound magazine
O D___1996 review by top US reviewer Roger Ebert from Chicago Sun-Times
O D___1995 Review from Deep Focus website
O D___Review on Under Southern Eyes blog -‘a good not great film’
O D___Long, witheringly harsh review from crime fiction magazine Shot in the Dark
O D___John Doe voted top villain, madman & serial killer by Total Film
O D___Links to 50 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes website
O D___Links to 20 reviews on Metacritic website
O D___Links to 120 reviews on MRQE website

O D___AS FS Coursework Essays
O D___Variable quality but all got A grades. Use with care
O D___Opening
O D___Opening
O D___Opening
O D___Opening
O D___Library sequence (with ace storyboard)
O D___Library sequence (with shot-list)
O D___Library sequence (with shot-list)
O D___Library sequence
O D___Library sequence
O D___Library sequence (best one?)
O D___Corridor waiting sequence
O D___Corridor waiting sequence
O D___Greed scene sequence
O D___Supper sequence
O D___Supper sequence
O D___Supper sequence
O D___Chase sequence
O D___Chase sequence
O D___Surrender sequence
O D___Surrender sequence
O D___Ending
O D___Ending
O D___Ending

O D___More Advanced
O D___Review article from Sight & Sound magazine by Amy Taubin
O D___Another version of the Amy Taubin article from NY magazine Village Voice
O D___Some questions on the Amy Taubin article
O D___Very long, detailed review article from Not Coming to a Theatre Near You website
O D___Article from US journal Postscript, arguing that Seven’s ideology is hopelessly conservative
O D___Good article from US journal College Literature, about conservative fear of the city in Seven & other recent films
O D___Long essay from 24 Lies a Second blog, arguing that Seven is not amoral & nihilistic
O D___Degree thesis by Finland university student, on representations of masculinity in the film, with audience research
O D___Essay on violence in Seven & Fight Club, from Ohio university student journal The Projector
O D___Essay on Nietzche, Morgan Freeman & Jesus by Canadian Film & Philosophy student, from his Blue Devil blog
O D___Two pages from recent book, Crime Films: Investigating the Scene by Kirsten Moana Thompson
O D___Lengthy extracts from Detecting Men, book about crime films, offering some dodgy ideas on genre & representation
O D___Unusual article from Nottingham University film studies journal Scope. Analyses in detail the ingredients of
O D___Seven’s ‘persona’ built up by its marketing, including sin, darkness, serial killer, director & stars
O D___Little extract discussing John Doe as a kind of artist, from longer essay on slasher films in the Journal of Popular Film & TV
O D___Another little extract discussing John Doe as an artist, from an essay on Murder as Art in Intensities journal
O D___Part of an excellent conversation about David Fincher films by two US academics, on The House Next Door blog
O D___Analysis of random moments from Exter University teacher’s Spectacular Attractions blog

O D___Seven & Film Noir
O D___Chapter from FS textbook on film noir, analysing Seven & 1955 film The Big Combo
O D___Brief discussion of Seven from Detours & Lost Highways, book on neo-noir films
O D___Chart listing noir characteristics in Seven, from Cirencester College website ages ago, now deleted

O D___Serial Killer Films
O D___Article from In the Picture magazine about serial killer films
O D___Article by Richard Dyer from from Sight & Sound about serial killer films
O D___Questions on the Richard Dyer article
O D___Extract about Seven from book on Serial Killers in American Culture