O D___
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O D___Clips on Yahoo Movies
O D___Loads more clips etc via Blinkx website
O D___US TV programme with cast discussing the film at Minnesota university
O D___Video of US reviewers & academics discussing the film at NY Lincoln Centre

O D___Production Details etc
O D___Script
O D___Official website, includes trailers & stills, & some notes
O D___Warner Bros production notes for reviewers etc
O D___Visual Hollywood website, includes script, production notes, review, clips & stills etc
O D___Powerpoint-type review from Visual Hollywood website
O D___Interesting interview with actress Bee Vang, from Hmong Studies Journal

O D___Reviews
O D___The Spectator magazine
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___The Flick Skinny -cartoon review
O D___The Cooler -hostile
O D___Tativille

O D___Analysis & Discussion
O D___Very detailed commentary notes from US Teaching Film Study website
O D___Gran Torino Movie Critic blog, with links to reviews & interviews, listed separately above
O D___Nicely illustrated article on ‘the death of America’s hero’ in Jump Cut journal
O D___Essay on ‘Boys & Men with Guns” in the film from Hmong Studies Journal
O D___Article from Milan university journal Other Modernities
O D___Article from Journal of Southeast Asian American Education & Advancement
O D___Difficult article on ‘post-racism’ from Journal of Communication Enquiry, mentions GT once
O D___Moral Road signs in Gran Torino & Boyz n the Hood

O D___Clint Eastwood
O D___Clint Eastwood.net -archive & discussion forum
O D___Long article about his career (up to 2005) & politics on Salon website
O D___Kentucky college teacher’s 2005 collection of links to writing about violence in Eastwood films