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O D___Reviews
O D___The Sheila Variations -Long nicely illustrated review
O D___Chicago Reader -Jonathan Rosenbaum & Mehmaz Saeed-Vafa
O D___Cinema Guild DVD Notes -Jonathan Rosenbaum
O D___Observations on Film Art -David Bordwell
O D___Movies that Make You Think
O D___Not Just Movies
O D___Only the Cinema
O D___Unspoken Cinema
O D___Three Quarks Daily
O D___The Seventh Art
O D___The Listening Ear
O D___Pop Matters
O D___Global Arab Network
O D___In Review Online
O D___Tativille

O D___Abbas Kiarostami Interviews
O D___Offscreen interview
O D___Guardian interview article
O D___Payvand Iran News -interview, with photos

O D___Video on YouTube
O D___Short clip from Shirin
O D___Another clip
O D___Short clip from Shirin, with soundtrack from the English Patient
O D___Where’s My Romeo, short Shirin-style film by AK
O D___657 other videos by & about AK

O D___Quotes from Introduction to Abbas Kiastorami video, on YouTube
O D___Film begins with DW Griffith & ends with Abbas Kiarostami -Jean-Luc Godard
O D___Kiarostami represents the highest level of artistry in cinema -Martin Scorsese
O D___He has attained a level of art & craftsmanship about which the rest of us can only dream -Michael Haneke