O D___

O D___The Day the Earth Stood Still
O D___Farewell to the Master by Harry Bates
O D___Good notes for students at University of Texas 1977
O D___Article from Monsterzine website
O D___Article from Canadian fan’s website
O D___Long article on music score & ‘sonic politics’, from Social Semiotics journal
O D___Essay on atomic bomb fears in 1950s SF films including The Day the Earth Stood Still & War of the Worlds, from Cinema Journal
O D___Discussion of 1951 film & 2008 remake on Cinema Autopsy blog
O D___Discussion of 1951 film & 2008 remake on Welcome to the Machine blog
O D___Discussion of 1951 film & 2008 remake on Victory Points blog
O D___Discussion of 1951 film & 2008 remake on Australian Online Opinion website
O D___Bewildered comment about remake on US right-wing blog
O D___Interview with remake director Scott Derrickson, from Latino Review website

O D___Independence Day
O D___Reading list from University of California Berkeley
O D___Sceptical review from Salon website
O D___Article on post-humanism in War of the Worlds & Independence Day, from Glasgow University journal eSharp
O D___Difficult political theory article on Independence day & globalisation, from Spanish sociology journal CEIC
O D___Difficult theoretical conference paper on Independence Day & 9.11, reprinted on Disinformation website
O D___Independence Day section from New Zealand’s student’s PhD thesis on blockbuster films & 9.11

O D___Cloverfield
O D___Film Education study guide
O D___Essex teacher’s ace Powerpoint on Cloverfield & Them! (1954) & their historical context, from BFI teachers’ conference
O D___Essay on Cloverfield as ‘an intimate apocalypse’ from Offscreen journal
O D___Article on Cloverfield as ‘a 9.11 analogy’ on Left Field Cinema website
O D___Long article on Cloverfield & 9.11 in Nottingham University journal Scope
O D___Podcast version of Left Field Cinema article
O D___Article on Cloverfield & 9.11, & some classical aesthetic theories, from Spanish journal Formats
O D___Article on Cloverfield, The Blair Witch Project & handheld camerawork, from Danish journal 16.9
O D___Interesting talk by producer JJ Abrams, on TED Talks website
O D___Good analysis of marketing campaign, for AL students, on Alleyn’s School London Media Dept blog
O D___Article on marketing campaign for AL students from MediaMagazine
O D___Essay ‘critiquing Cloverfield in three easy steps’ on Cinebeats blog
O D___Clever little article on Cloverfield as a ‘digital palimpsest, on Tativille blog
O D___Chatty review on the wonderfully named Rio Rancho blog
O D___Unsympathetic review on Salon.com website

O D___Ace 20 min documentary about traditional US idea of the frontier in blockbuster apocalypse films, on Vimeo