O D___
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O D___Complete film on YouTube, April 2012
O D___Reviews of Devils Backbone, Pans Lab & Orphanage in Directory of World Cinema book
O D___Article for AL students about Devils Backbone, Orphanage & Spirit of the Beehive, from Media Magazine
O D___Study guide for AL students from Cornerhouse cinema Manchester. Probably very good, but it’s written in Spanish
O D___Study guide for students from Fresh Film Festival, Ireland
O D___Chapter from GCSE FS textbook, from the textbook website
O D___Detailed plot summary & useful notes from Constructing Horror website
O D___Basic little article on symbolism in the film, by US university student, on Suite 101 Foreign Films website
O D___Devils Backbone section of Glasgow University students PhD thesis on Spanish Civil War films
O D___Chapter from World Cinema Through Global Genres book