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O D___Michael Haneke Interviews etc
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O D___Little White Lies magazine
O D___Guardian
O D___Der Spiegel
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O D___Cinema.com
O D___Cole Smithey
O D___Film School Rejects website
O D___Entertainment Weekly Capetown
O D___Article on film violence by MH, translated differently in Sight & Sound & Companion to MH book
O D___Times -Naomi Watts

O D___Hostile Reviews
O D___Review & survey of other reviews -Scanners-Jim Emerson
O D___New York Critics Sharpen their Knives -Vulture magazine
O D___Village Voice -J Hoberman
O D___New Yorker -Anthony Lane
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O D___MovieZeal website -five articles debating the film
O D___Culture Snob blog -little analysis of one scene
O D___Archfriend blog -examples of breaking conventions
O D___Spectacular Attractions blog -comparison of the two versions, with 200 stills

O D___Longer etc
O D___Cineaste magazine -article about MH & his early films, up to Funny Games
O D___Framework journal -article about representation of pain ___
O D___Long article by Dutch professor in US university journal Proteus
O D___Australian university conference talk on violence in Funny Games
O D___Article on communcation in MH films, inc Funny Games, in Canadian Review of Comparative Lit
O D___Screenville, French blog -long article in two partsD

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O D___Companion to Michael Haneke
O D___Michael Haneke -Contemporary Directors
O D___On Michael Haneke
O D___Fascinatingly Disturbing -spectators distress
O D___Fascinatingly Disturbing -moments of death
O D___Films of MH -Metro Cinema Ottowa
O D___New Takes in Film Philosophy
O D___Fears Without Frontiers
O D___Breaking the Fourth Wall
O D___Dark Dreams 2.0

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O D___Worksheet by Turkish university teacher
O D___Clips & questions by German teacher, on YouTube
O D___Funny Games & Irreversible chapter from PhD dissertation by student at Goldsmiths College London
O D___Chapter on the two versions of Funny Games from Warsaw University students MA thesis
O D___Texas University students MA thesis on Chidren & Violence in MH films, including Funny Games
O D___California University students PhD thesis on emotion & desire, including chapter on Funny Games
O D___Australian university conference talk on violence in Funny Games
O D___Australian students university essay recycled as a Kindle book
O D___A2 FS coursework presentation script on violence in films, including Funny Games
O D___A2 FS coursework presentation script on MH sample extract -King Edward VI College Nuneaton
O D___Duke University students blog, with comments from classmates
O D___California IB students Oral Presentation exam practice, with Powerpoint, on YouTube

O D___Funny Games
O D___The Editing Room website -jokey version of script
O D___Errata blog -remake discussed in the style of Last Year in Marienbad