O D___
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O dk-red--3___Film Noir

O D___The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler
O D___Complete book
O D___Spark Notes on the book
O D___Chivalry & Modernity -Response to RC book
O D___Politics & Convention -Response to RC book
O D___Role of Automobile in TBS & Postman Always Rings Twice -Clues journal
O D___Role of reader -Maine University MA thesis

O D___Production
O D___Script on The Daily Script website
O D___Hawks on Hawks book
O D___Production & Authorship -Canadian Review of American Studies

O D___Shorter Reviews etc
O D___Howard Hawks -Robin Wood book 1972
O D___Book & Film -Movietone News 1978
O D___BFI Monthly Film Bulletin 1978
O D___Independent -Jonathan Romney
O D___Empire Crime Film Guide
O D___Movie Mezzanine blog
O D___Only the Cinema blog
O D___Images journal

O D___Longer
O D___Epic plot summary -Filmsite
O D___Detective film or romance -Armchair Detective journal
O D___Postwar US Family -Response to RC book
O D___Uncertainty -Film International
O D___Closure -Lit Film Quarterly
O D___Pleasure -CineAction
O D___Uncanny -HAL Archive France
O D___Derridean Blackmail -Film Philosophy
O D___Censorship & Sexuality -Wide Angle 1980 & Power of Image book -Annette Kuhn

O D___The Code & the Obvious
O D___The Code & the Obvious -Raymond Bellour
O D___Obviousness -World Picture -Rosalind Galt
O D___Bellouresque sequence analysis from Harvard University course

O D___People Studying
O D___Handout for Texas University screening 1977
O D___Handout for Texas University screening 1981
O D___Handout for SUNY Buffalo screening
O D___Worksheets from BFI teachers conference 1999
O D___Romance & Paranoia -Screen Education Australia 29
O D___Detecting Happiness -Screen Education Australia 32
O D___Noir & Masculinity -Screen Education Australia 35
O D___Notes -Craville Studies Australia?
O D___Syracuse University BA
O D___Student notes -Petru Maior University Romania
O D___Essay -Joey US Philosophy student
O D___Teachers Powerpoint -Northern Illinois University
O D___Teachers Powerpoint -BHewes
O D___Student Powerpoint -Sussex University
O D___Student Powerpoint -Carolin