O D___
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O D___Books
O D___BFI Film Classics book
O D___The Art of Spirited Away -lavishly illustrated!

O D___Review Articles
O D___Roger Ebert
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Bitch Flicks
O D___Bright Lights
O D___Intersections
O D___Vice

O D___More Advanced
O D___Animage magazine -HM interview
O D___Metro magazine Australia -Shinto in HM films, including SA
O D___Journal of Religion & Film -Shinto in SA
O D___Refractory -Shinto in SA
O D___Film Criticism -fantasy & Japanese folk symbols
O D___Roger Eberts FFC -Japanese writing
O D___Asian Studies Review -Memory & nostalgia
O D___Journal of Japanese Studies -Carnival & containment
O D___Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies -Gender in Japanese films, including SA
O D___Jump Cut -SA as a nightmare of capitalist Japan
O D___Artifice -Change as a positive force
O D___Zooscope -Human & animal transformation

O D___Book Chapters
O D___Japanese Cinema Texts & Contexts
O D___Japanese Demon Lore
O D___Fairy Tale Films
O D___Anime Classics Zettai

O D___People Studying -Schools
O D___Film Education notes for primary school teachers
O D___Lesson plans & worksheets by primary teacher shared on TES site
O D___Study guides from Beverley Hills EFL school Australia
O D___Chapter from GCSE FS textbook
O D___Notes for GCSE FS students from teaching resources site
O D___Good study guide for Australian HSC students
O D___Lesson notes for school teachers in San Diego California
O D___Spark Notes -Eng Lit type study guide for US students
O D___Study Guide from Screen Education magazine Australia 2004
O D___Study Guide from Screen Education magazine Australia 2008
O D___Article for teachers from Screen Education magazine Australia 2014
O D___IB FS coursework script on realism in animation, including SA

O D___People Studying -BA
O D___Airlanga University Indonesia -teachers review essay
O D___Ghibli Wiki -essay on Japanese artistic traditions
O D___Ghibli Wiki -essay on Chihiros development
O D___Bath Spa University -analysis of opening
O D___Washington University -essay
O D___Otis College LA -essay
O D___MIT -essay on feminist & environmental themes
O D___City University NY -essay on SA & globalisation
O D___Goldsmiths College London -essay on SA & world cinema
O D___University of British Columbia -Anthropology essay on structuralism
O D___Mt Holyoke University Massachusets -dissertation on anime adolescence
O D___Loyola University New Orleans -26 students essays on class blog
O D___Curtin University Australia -opening converted into comic strip

O D___People Studying -MA
O D___Illinois University -Anime & postmodernity
O D___Toronto University -Capitalism, monsters & excess
O D___Chapman University California -Gender roles
O D___Prescott University Arizona -Tao
O D___Linkoping University -a posthuman materialist reading of SA
O D___Witwatersrand University Johannesburg MA -SA as social critique

O D___People Studying -PhD
O D___Aberystwyth University -anime as novel form
O D___Texas University -heroic quest
O D___Pacifica Institute California -Anima & post-patriarchal consciousness
O D___DePaul University -Powerpoint on SA, Pans Labyrinth & female sexuality

O D___Also lots of things on YoiuTube