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O D___US DVD distributor’s publicity website, with trailer, stills etc & also nice feature on GDT’s notebooks
O D___Interview with Eugenio Caballero, art designer, who won an Oscar for his work on Pans Labyrinth
O D___Reviews of Pans Lab, Devils Backbone & Orphanage in Directory of World Cinema book
O D___Introductory Powerpoint, trailer & stills, production notes etc on Visual Hollywood website
O D___Study guide for AL students from Cornerhouse cinema Manchester
O D___Ace 44-slide Powerpoint on mise-en-scene from Ball State University Indiana USA, shared on Slideshare website
O D___Review article from Wired magazine
O D___Article from American Cinematographer magazine
O D___Long article from Film Quarterly magazine
O D___Long article from Wide Screen journal blog
O D___Long difficult article from Velox journal
O D___Long article from International Psychoanalysis website
O D___Welling School Kent A2 FS blog
O D___A2 FS coursework presentation on Pans Lab, Cria Cuerrvos & Spirit of Beehive