O D___
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O D___A2 FS coursework on Ridley Scott by Long Road College Cambridge student
O D___Detailed plot summary on FilmSite website
O D___Basic notes for students on Film Education website
O D___Analysis video-essay on Vimeo
O D___Blade Zone, fan website
O D___Blade Runner Insight, fan website
O D___BR Movie.com, fan website
O D___Lots of good material on course blog from Katikati College New Zealand
O D___Good “‘Making Of’ article from Neon, short-lived magazine archived by keen reader
O D___Blade Runner section of book on representation of genetics in films by Welsh polymath biologist Stephen Nottingham
O D___Shrewd political analysis by Douglas Kellner in US journal Jump Cut 1984
O D___Article on representation of race in the film from Jump Cut journal 1997
O D___Blade Runner Sketchbook, complete book about production design etc, on Issu website
O D___Studying Blade Runner, study guide for AL students