O D___
Pasted Graphic

O brown-arrow___The Searchers
O brown-arrow___Stagecoach
O brown-arrow___Johnny Guitar
O brown-arrow___The Magnificent Seven
O brown-arrow___No Country for Old Men
O brown-arrow___Meeks Cutoff
O brown-arrow___Django Unchained

O D___Extract on Westerns from MS textbook
O D___Handout notes for AL students on evolution of Westerns genre
O D___BFI & Film Education booklet for AL teachers & students
O D___Chapter on Westerns from book on genre
O D___History of Westerns on Images journal website
O D___30 Great Westerns on Images journal website
O D___Decisions at Sundown, good blog about Westerns
O D___Powerpoint about recent Western films & videogames, by Wolverhampton teacher, from teacher’s conference