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O D___Westerns in General
O D___Extract on Westerns from MS textbook
O D___Handout notes for AL students on evolution of Westerns genre
O D___BFI & Film Education booklet for AL teachers & students
O D___Chapter on Westerns from book on genre
O D___History of Westerns on Images journal website
O D___30 Great Westerns on Images journal website
O D___Decisions at Sundown, good blog about Westerns
O D___Powerpoint about recent Western films & videogames, by Wolverhampton teacher, from teacher’s conference

O D___The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
O D___Long list of links to academic writing on John Ford, on Film Studies for Free website
O D___John Ford section of Undercurrent website
O D___Long two-part article about John Ford on The Seventh Art website, see link at bottom for 2nd part
O D___Old fashioned philosophy article from Creighton Law Review journal, Chicago

O D___The Searchers
O D___Film Education study guide
O D___Long handout for New York university students
O D___Collection of nice doorway shots, with brief discussion & readers’ comments, on The Sheila Variations blog
O D___Questions & stills Powerpoint from North West Shoals Community College Alabama
O D___Video essay on the construction of genre & space in the film, by Bedfordshire University lecturer, on Vimeo

O D___Meeks Cutoff
O D___Bright Lights Film Journal review
O D___Article from Canadian university journal Cinephile
O D___Article from Canadian journal CineAction
O D___Short review article on Canadian writers Pop Culture & Feelings blog
O D___Review article on NZ university lecturer’s blog The Third Meaning

O D___More
O brown-arrow___No Country for Old Men
O brown-arrow___Django Unchained