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O dk-red--3___Film Noir

O D___Script
O D___The Weekly Script

O D___Blogs & Websites
O D___FilmSite: Long detailed summary
O D___Images Journal: Ten Shades of Noir
O D___Wonders in the Dark
O D___FilmsNoir.net
O D___Dark City
O D___Film Journal
O D___Movie Zeal
O D___Modern Times
O D___Culture Court
O D___Cinema Autopsy
O D___Cinema de Merde
O D___Film Trip
O D___Pajiba
O D___The Motley View: Little note on chiascuro lighting
O D___GreenCine: Article by pulp novelist Eddie Muller, in pulp style
O D___Plastic Quality: Essay comparing Double Indemnity & Chinatown
O D___Kinoeye: Centripetal & Centrifugal Space in Double Indemnity & The Big Sleep
O D___Film Daily: Adapting the book
O D___Virtual Virago: Lego version

O D___Student Essays
O D___Sharp analysis by Minnesota college student
O D___Feminist article from US student magazine Student Pulse
O D___Feminist essay from Ohio university journal The Projector
O D___Powerpoint by Washington university students
O D___Essay by retired enthusiast
O D___Great collective blog by Minnesota university students

O D___Podcast: Filmspotting

O D___Barbie Theatre version