O D___
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O D___Making Of article compiled from quotes, from Neon magazine
O D___Article on making the chestburster scene, compiled from quotes, from Empire magazine
O D___Chapter on chestburster scene & emotional response, using cognitive theory, from Film Moments book
O D___Article for AL students on otherness in the four films, from Media Magazine
O D___Analysis video-essay on Vimeo
O D___Jonesy’s version of the story, on Cats on Film blog

O D___A2 FS coursework script on David Fincher by Long Road College Cambridge student
O D___A2 FS coursework on Alien trilogy

O D___Little websites by New York university students
O D___Alien -Xenomorphic
O D___Alien -M Gutman
O D___Alien -O Mortson
O D___Aliens -Andrew