O D___Pasted Graphic

O dk-red--3 __Singing in the Rain
O dk-red--3 __A Star is Born
O dk-red--3 __Cabaret

O D___Classic Hollywood Musicals
O D___History of musicals on Filmsite website
O D___Brief notes on musicals for Canadian students
O D___Musicals section from key concepts book
O D___Musical section from book on genre
O D___Chapter on musicals from another book on genre
O D___Chapter on musicals from US FS textbook
O D___Entertainment & Utopia, famous theoretical essay by Richard Dyer
O D___Heavy theoretical article by Jane Feuer, from Jump Cut journal
O D___Review article discussing Jane Feuer book on musicals, from Jump Cut journal
O D___University student’s essay on strategies for introducing songs, on his website
O D___Theoretical essay on Spanish person’s research blog
O D___Washington university student’s MA thesis on work, class & gender in musicals
O D___Warwick University student’s PhD thesis on heterosexuality in Fred Astaire & Vincente Minnelli musicals

O D___Bollywood
O D___Beginner’s book on Bollywood
O D___Powerpoint introduction to Bollywood for AL FS
O D___Indian Cinema study guide for AL FS students from Cornerhouse cinema Manchester
O D___South Asian Cinema feature section on BFI website
O D___Article on Indian cinema & Film Studies from US journal Post Script
O D___Article on the history of Bollywood from Danish journal 16.9
O D___Lots about Indian cinema on Manchester AL FS teacher’s blog Ellipsis
O D___Article on ‘cultural borrowing’ in Bollywood films from Nottingham University journal Scope
O D___Kissing in Indian films discussed on London university teacher’s Visual Culture blog
O D___Sussex University student’s PhD thesis on recent Bollywood

O D___IB coursework research script on US & Indian Musicals -Singing in the Rain, Sound of Music, Lagaan, Madhumati