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O dk-red--3___Film Noir

O D___Long list of links to academic writing on Nicholas Ray, on Film Studies for Free blog
O D___Short interview with Nicholas Ray, just before his death, including refs to ILP, on La Furia Umana website
O D___Long handout for University of Texas screening 1978
O D___Long handout for New York university screening 2002
O D___Video essay ‘This Movie is Trying to Break Your Heart’ on The L Magazine website
O D___Same video essay on The House Next Door section of Slant website
O D___Article on Sunset Gun blog which became the script for the L Magazine video essay
O D___And a bit on Sunset Gun introducing the video essay!
O D___Brief review & well-chosen selection of stills, Films I Love No.9 on Only The Cinema blog
O D___Sharp selection of script extracts & stills on Cinemasparagus blog
O D___Extract from Out of the Past, book by Barry Gifford, on Noir of the Week website
O D___Extract from article by VF Perkins, originally in The Movie journal 1981. reprinted on Rouge journal website
O D___Review & video review on The New Yorker website
O D___Short review article on Senses of Cinema website
O D___Longer article on Senses of Cinema website
O D___Short article on Movie Diva website
O D___Essay on alcoholism in the film, on MUBI website
O D___1948 radio version of the story, starring Robert Montgomery, on Classic Montgomery fansite