O D___Pasted Graphic

O dk-red--3___Film Noir

O D___Extract from The Warrior’s Camera book
O D___Detailed analysis on Lewis Saul blog -see link at bottom of page for 2nd part
O D___Shorter analysis by Lewis Paul on Best American Poetry blog
O D___Review article on Film Noir of the Week website
O D___Two little essays on Criterion DVD website -see bottom of page
O D___Article on Kurosawa’s urban films, including Stray Dog, from Sight & Sound magazine
O D___Nicely illustrated review on Journey to Perplexity blog
O D___Review on Bright Lights Film Journal website
O D___Short review on Films Noir.net website
O D___New York Times review article
O D___Notes from Williamette University Oregon website
O D___More Notes from Williamette University website, based on The Warrior’s Camera by Stephen Prince
O D___Long useful handout from State University of New York Buffalo Film Seminars
O D___Powerpoint for AL FS students from Welling School Northants, on students blog