O D___

O dk-red--3___Film Noir
O dk-red--3___Outlaw Couple Films

O D___Complete film in ten parts on YouTube
O D___Good quotes from the film
O D___Stills & publicity photos on Retroadv Tumblr blog

O D___Detailed Commentary
O D___Long, detailed but easy to read plot summary, with quotes & some commentary, from Filmsite website
O D___Two extracts from detailed, knowledgeable but quite readable little book on GC in the BFI Film Classics series:
O D___Shooting contest
O D___Conclusion

O D___Production Process
O D___Biography of director Joseph H Lewis from Time magazine
O D___Chapter on Joseph H Lewis from book on Hollywood B-film directors King of the Bs
O D___Brief piece on Joseph H Lewis from The List blog
O D___Interview with Peggy Cummins from Movieline website
O D___Peggy Cummins’s MySpace page

O D___Censorship
O D___Summary of how GC was censored
O D___Extract from book on film violence
O D___BBFC give 2008 re-release a PG certificate
O D___More on the Hays Code

O D___Early Academic Views
O D___Original 1949 review from industry magazine Variety
O D___Extract from pioneering 1955 book on film noir, the first to take GC seriously
O D___Enthusiastic 1971 article from Cinema Journal by Paul Schrader, established GC’s status
O D___Long handout written for film students at the University of Texas in 1976, cutting edge thinking at the time
O D___Good 1991 review article from California magazine East Bay Express
O D___1991 review from New York magazine Village Voice
O D___1991 New York Times article by Martin Scorsese!

O D___Short Online Reviews & Discussion
O D___International Dictionary of Film
O D___American Cinematographer
O D___Moviefone Cinematical
O D___Brattle Theatre Notes
O D___Brooklyn Rail
O D___Metroactive
O D___Movie Zeal
O D___Film is Love
O D___Ozu’s World
O D___Ain’t It Cool
O D___All Movie Guide
O D___DVD Verdict
O D___DVD Savant
O D___DVD Journal
O D___DVD Fanatic
O D___Deep Focus
O D___Pop Matters
O D___Ferdy on Film
O D___Meatballs & Movies
O D___Wonders in the Dark
O D___Man Out of Time
O D___Combustible Celluloid
O D___Obscure Classics
O D___Parallax View
O D___Film Canon
O D___Movies et al
O D___24 Frames
O D___Cinephile
O D___Slant
O D___Film Trip
O D___Goodfella’s Movie Blog
O D___Big House & Crime Culture
O D___Images: Ten Shades of Noir
O D___The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
O D___Noir of the week & It’s Not the Years
O D___Sunset Gun & Strange Impersonations
O D___Films Noir
O D___Route One
O D___Seraphic Secret
O D___Brief discussion of redemption on T2K website
O D___Impassioned appreciation of ‘five things’ on The Sheila Variations blog
O D___Illustrated appreciation of two scenes from Journey to Perplexity blog
O D___Illustrated discussion of the window scenes from Digital Poetics website
O D___Superb discussion of selected moments etc on The Rumpus blog
O D___Gun Crazy compared with Let the Right One In, on Ruthless Culture website

O D___Short Review & Discussion Extracts from Books
O D___Book on film noir by pulp novelist Eddie Muller
O D___Another book on film noir, Street With No Name
O D___Another film noir book, Noir Now & Then
O D___Book on road movies
O D___Gangster film book
O D___Another gangster film book

O D___2009 Reissue Reviews
O D___Guardian 1
O D___Guardian 2
O D___Observer
O D___Independent
O D___Telegraph 1
O D___Telegraph 2
O D___Times
O D___Time Out
O D___Financial Times
O D___Little White Lies 1
O D___Little White Lies 2
O D___Westminster Wisdom blog

O D___Longer Analysis & Discussion
O D___Long but very readable article from Film Criticism journal
O D___Chapter on Gun Crazy in book on American films
O D___Enthusiastic, detailed description from book on cult films (also on Parallax View website)
O D___Plot summary & discussion from a chapter on outlaw couples in a book on road movies
O D___Chapter on the politics of outlaw couple films, including Gun Crazy, from another road movies book
O D___Essay on non-urban noir films from Bright Lights Film Journal, very good but only mentions Gun Crazy briefly
O D___Chapter on Gun Crazy from South Florida university student’s MA thesis about non-urban noir

O D___Miscellanea
O D___Poem inspired by the film
O D___Portraits of Insane Women, a short love story
O D___Cult Classic Movie Retro Kitsch Silver Plated Brooch Pin