O D___Pasted Graphic 1

O D___Wikipedia
O D___Film Education study guide
O D___Study guide for school film clubs
O D___Lord of the Flies.org -celebratory fan website
O D___Summary & comment on BFI Screenonline website
O D___Short extract from book by director Peter Brook, on Criterion DVD website
O D___Review from BFI Monthly Film Bulletin 1963
O D___Review from New York Times 1963
O D___Review from Life magazine USA 1963
O D___Essay comparing 1963 & 1990 films, from official William Golding website
O D___Review of the two films, from US student’s PhD blog on William Golding
O D___Essay on book & the two films by US Philosophy student, from her website
O D___Review essay on The Criterion Contraption blog
O D___Interesting little discussion on One More Flim Blog blog
O D___Short discussion on Visceral Cinema blog

O D___There’s a horrifying amount of ‘educational’ material on the book, eg
O D___Bookwolf study guide
O D___Novelguide study guide
O D___Gradesaver study guide
O D___Spark Notes study guide
O D___Barron’s Booknotes study guide
O D___Schmoop (‘We speak student’) study guide
O D___A Research Guide for Students
O D___Teachit English teachers’ website

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