O D___Pasted Graphic

O dk-red--3___Film Noir

O D___Original Story
O D___Cummings Study Guide on the story
O D___Shmoop (‘We speak student’) study guide on the story
O D___Study guide on the story by Turkish teacher, on his blog

O D___Long, detailed summary & commentary on Filmsite website
O D___Analysis on The Film Sufi blog
O D___Production details on The Evening Class blog
O D___Photos of original production sets
O D___Chatty article on Noir of the Week website
O D___Short discussion on Filmnoirs.net blog
O D___Short discussion on Bavatuesdays blog
O D___Short discussion on Wonders in the Dark blog
O D___Idea in Bavatuesday blog discussion discussed on Filmsnoir.net blog
O D___Review article on Electric Sheep magazine website
O D___Podcast in Noircast Out of the Past series
O D___Short essay on Criterion DVD website
O D___Short essay on the Don Siegel remake on Criterion DVD website
O D___Commentary with stills on Don Siegel version, in German, on YouTube
O D___Original & Don Siegel remake compared on That Obscure Object of Desire blog
O D___Long detailed article on story & both films from Literature Film Quarterly
O D___Talk by Kathy Acker 1993

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Pasted Graphic 2
O D___Pasted Graphic 3
O D___Nighthawks by Edward Hopper