O D___
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O D___IMDb
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Production notes ‘press kit’ for journalists etc, from distributor Sony Classics
O D __Identical production notes for journalists etc, from Canadian distributors Mongrel Media
O D___Sony Classics Moon publicity website, with stills, trailer, production notes etc
O D___Sony Classics Moon Facebook page
O D___Website for Liberty Films, Duncan Jones’s little production company
O D___Man Made Movies, Moon & Source Code fan website, with lots of news & gossip etc
O D___Explanation of ‘SFX wizardry’ used to create two Sams on screen simultaneously, on Semantink blog
O D___Why Sam Rockwell should have won an Oscar, according to Semantink blog
O D___Unused posters, on Quiet Earth website

O D___People Studying Moon
O D___Little handout on Moon as an industry case study for AS MS students, shared on Scribd
O D___Powerpoint on Moon as an industry case study for AS MS students, shared on Slideshare
O D___Notes & links on Moon as an industry case study for AS MS students, on college teacher’s blog
O D___Notes on Moon as an industry case study for AS MS students, on schoolteacher’s blog
O D___Long, helpfully detailed & very readable study guide from German schools film festival
O D___Detailed study guide on characters & ideas in the film etc, from New Zealand English teachers’ conference
O D___Questions to answer while viewing, from the New Zealand conference
O D___Discussion guide on Christian website Culturewatch

O D___Duncan Jones Interviews
O D___Moviefone blog
O D___IFC website
O D___UGO website
O D___Eye for Film website
O D___The AV Club website
O D___The Quietus website
O D___Cinema Blend website
O D___Indie Movies Online website
O D___Den of Geek website
O D___Movie Cultists website
O D___ScyFi Love website -Part 1
O D___ScyFi Love website -Part 2
O D___Screen Crave website -Part 1
O D___Screen Crave website -Part 2
O D___Little White Lies magazine website
O D___Psychology Today magazine website
O D___Interview article from The Independent
O D___Interview article from The Observer
O D___Interview article from Daily Telegraph
O D___Interview article from Time Out magazine
O D___Video of NFT interview on BFI website
O D___Video interview on First Showing website
O D___Video interview on Slash Film website
O D___Video interview on Inside Reel website
O D___Interview on Minnesota MPR radio
O D___Podcast-type interview on Audioboo website
O D___YouTube search for ‘DJ Moon Interview’ -850 items

O D___Reviews
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Guardian
O D___Independent
O D___Silent Rogue website
O D___Wired magazine website
O D___Comment de Cine blog
O D___Reverse Shot website
O D___Christ & Pop Culture website
O D___Bloody Disgusting website
O D___AV Club website
O D___Links to 180 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes website
O D___Links to 150 reviews on MRQE website
O D___Links to 30 reviews on Metacritic website

O D___Discussion
O D___Review article on Wired magazine website
O D___Review article on The Spectator magazine blog
O D___Discussion on The Sheila Variations blog
O D___Discussion on Are The Hills Going to March Off blog
O D___Review & short discussion of ‘lunar ethics’ on Luna C/1 blog
O D___Chatty article about the history of moon films from The Independent
O D___Discussion of Moon, District 9 & ecology on Shanghai Green blog
O D___Gerty compared with other film robots, on US computer scientist’s MZ Labs blog
O D___Scientific discussion on Discover magazine ‘Science Not Fiction’ blog
O D___Interesting philosophical discussion on Cold Popcorn blog
O D___Interesting discussion of Moon & Source Code on Film School Rejects website
O D___Irish student’s 60 page MA thesis on Moon & Source Code