O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___Production
O D___US distributors production notes press kit, with cast & crew details, interviews etc
O D___Funny quote from film

O D___Reviews
O D___Guardian
O D___Daily Telegraph
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Empire magazine blog
O D___Film fans’ Zuzox blog

O D___People Studying
O D___Notes for AL students (& teachers) by Roy Stafford, from a course at Cornerhouse cinema Manchester
O D___Long article by Minnesota University teacher in the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies
O D___Discussion guide on Christian website Culturewatch
O D___Summary of a talk at Newman University College Birmingham
O D___Teacher’s AS MS website, nicely designed but almost empty
O D___Research notes on A2 MS student’s blog
O D___Skimpy notes on another A2 MS student’s blog
O D___Notes on GCSE MS student’s blog