O D___pasted-graphic-2t

O D___Production
O D___Original stage play script
O D___Script Mk 1
O D___Script Mk2
O D___As Tears Go By lyrics
O D___Stills on Evan Richards’ website
O D___Stills on Crowe Movies website
O D___Stein Online Writers interview 1995
O D___American Film journal -production details

O D___1942 Reviews
O D___NY Times review 1942
O D___Times review 1943
O D___US Bureau of Motion Pictures report 1942

O D___Books
O D___The Casablanca File -compendium book
O D___Key Film Texts
O D___The A List -100 Essential Films
O D___50 Key American Films &
O D___Routledge Encyclopedia of Films
O D___We’ll Always Have the Movies
O D___Becoming Film Literate
O D___Good Scripts Bad Scripts
O D___Morality & the Movies
O D___Political Philosophy Comes to Ricks
O D___A Certain Tendency of the Hollywood Cinema
O D___Classical Hollywood Narrative -Rick Altman
O D___Harmless Entertainment -Richard Maltby
O D___Hollywood Cinema -Richard Maltby
O D___Post-Theory -Richard Maltby
O D___Film Structure & the Emotion System
O D___Signs of Life in the USA -Umberto Eco
O D___Faith in Fakes -Umberto Eco
O D___How to Read Lacan -Slavoj Zizek

O D___Blogs & Websites etc
O D___Vincent’s Casablanca Home Page -compendious fan website
O D___Filmsite -50pp plot summary & commentary
O D___Film & Book Club -Googled notes
O D___New APPS -3 models of love
O D___Observations on Film Art -narrative structure
O D___Chiseler -Casablanca as rom-com
O D___Emanuel Levy -cultural impact
O D___The New Enlightenment -anti-Fascism
O D___A Time for Choosing -Casablanca & Sarah Palin
O D___Metro -Casablanca & Paris terrorism 2015
O D___Guardian -MPs vote Casablanca their favourite film
O D___Guardian -Casablanca second in list of films people pretend to have seen
O D___Independent -50th anniversary 1992
O D___Angry Alien -Casablanca in 30 Seconds Re-enacted by Bunnies

O D___Journals
O D___POV -14 articles
O D___Bright Lights
O D___Film History
O D___Journal of Popular Film & TV
O D___Canadian Journal of Film Studies
O D___Journal of Lit Theory
O D___Studies in Popular Culture
O D___Postmodern Culture
O D___Intensities
O D___Comparative Studies of South Africa, Asia & the Middle East
O D___Osgoode Hall Law Journal York University Toronto
O D___Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts
O D___Hilltop Review Western Michigan University
O D___Film-Philosophy conference paper

O D___Teachers Teaching
O D___WJEC-Eduqas AL FS worksheet
O D___Film Education study guide
O D___Old Film Education study guide
O D___Spark Notes, US Eng Lit-style study guide
O D___Lutterworth College Leicestershire AL Powerpoints
O D___Bridgeport Connecticut Central High School -study questions
O D___Polson Montana High school -shot descriptions
O D___Portland Oregon Community College -study questions
O D___Texas University screening handout 1978
O D___California Institute of Arts -step outline by Alexander Mackendrick 1970s
O D___Washington University -study questions
O D___Minnesota University -shot by shot notes
O D___Fordham University NY -script & study questions
O D___Montclair New Jersey State University -video clips & questions
O D___Teach With Movies -notes & study questions
O D___Philosophical Films -notes & study questions
O D___Cracking Yarns screenwriting website -Heros Journey analysis
O D___Dramatica screenwriting website -narrative analysis
O D___Camden Australia libraries Movie Club -study questions
O D___Cineverse Chicago film discussion group -handout
O D___As Time Goes By -novelisation for ESL students
O D___Cine-Files -article by US university teacher on teaching the opening
O D___Chronicle of HE
O D___Spreadable Media
O D___Humanities magazine

O D___Students Studying
O D___US student comment on his blog
O D___University student essay, on his website
O D___US History student essay
O D___Trinidad University student essay
O D___Short analyses by AL MS students
O D___New Orleans University student analyses on their class blog