O D___pasted-graphic-2t

O D___Script
O D___Stills on Evan Richards’ website
O D___Stills on Crowe Movies website
O D___As Time Goes By, wav extract from soundtrack, c/o Vincent’s Casablanca Home Page
O D___Complete novel version of the story, intended for students learning English
O D___The Casablanca File -compendium book

O D___Wikipedia
O D___Jahsonic
O D___Long detailed plot summary & commentary on Filmsite website
O D___Report from US government Bureau of Motion Pictures 1942, about the film’s contribution to the war effort
O D___Vincent’s Casablanca Home Page -fan website, with loads of interesting material
O D___References. conventions & trivia etc explained on TV Tropes website
O D___British MPs vote Casablanca their favourite film of all time
O D___Casablanca comes second in list of films people pretend to have seen

O D___People Studying Casablanca
O D___Film Education notes for AL students
O D___Film Education booklet for students, in Ten Films That Shook the World series
O D___Spark Notes, US Eng Lit-style study guide book
O D___Skimpy chapter in Key Film Texts textbook
O D___Plot summary & notes by Minnesota University teacher
O D___Article by US university teacher on teaching the opening, from Cine-Files 2015
O D___Shot-by-shot notes on closing scene by Minnesota University teacher
O D___Powerpoints from Lutterworth College Leicestershire, shared on Slideshare
O D___Notes by teacher & students on Qatar Academy IB FS website
O D___Study questions from Portland Oregon Community College
O D___Good essay by university FS student, from his website
O D___Essay by US History student, found on Scribd website
O D___Essay by Trinidad University FS student, found on Scribd
O D___Short analyses by Tom & Chris, AL MS students, surprisingly, found on Scribd
O D___Sharp analyses by 20 New Orleans University FS students on their class blog
O D___Appreciative comment by US IB FS student on his blog

O D___Longer & More Advanced
O D___Long article on Bright Lights Film Journal website
O D___Chapter from Good Scripts Bad Scripts book, explaining why it’s a good one
O D___Casablanca; The Cliches Are Having a Ball -essay by Umberto Eco
O D___Casablanca, Cult Movies & Intertextual Collage -another essay by Umberto Eco
O D___Witty psychoanalytical explanation of audience response, from book by Slavoj Zizek
O D___Play It Again Sigmund, long psychoanalytical reading from Journal of Popular Film & TV
O D___Long chapter about audience response, from Film Structure & the Emotion System, book by Greg Smith
O D___Very long, very good chapter about 1940s audience response, & When Harry Met Sally, by Richard Maltby
O D___Casablanca & the Four Levels of Worldview -religious interpretation on Two Handed Warriors website
O D___Casablanca & the Richness of Emotion, short version of article from Journal of Literary Theory
O D___Long history article about Casablanca & US WW2 foreign policy, from Film History journal
O D___Article about the Marseillaise scene, & 1998 Lebanon film West Beirut, from Canadian Journal of Film Studies
O D___History, geography, architecture & philosophy article about the film & the city from Postmodern Culture journal
O D___Chapter from Casablanca Politics History & Semiotics book, reprinted on Chessville website
O D___Review article about Marc Auge book on Senses of Cinema website

O D___Special edition of Danish journal POV
O D___Interview with Danish reviewer & Bogart expert
O D___Everything’s in Casablanca -Opening scenes
O D___The Wrong Man Gave Her the Right Feelings -Rick & Ilsa’s relationship
O D___Casablanca in Morocco, Morocco in Casablanca
O D___What’s Rick Doing in the Balkans -historical context, & 1998 Yugoslavian film Black Cat White Cat
O D___Casablanca & Popular Music as Film Music
O D___Visa for Transition: Casablanca & Spiritual Melodrama
O D___It’s Almost the Same Old Story -review of two ‘making of’ books
O D___On Visual Design & Staging in Casablanca
O D___We Said No Questions: Playful Uncertainty in Casablanca
O D___A Walk Down Fascination Street: Bits & Pieces about Casablanca
O D___We’ll Always Have Casablanca -cliches & complexity
O D___Bogey’s Imaginative Contribution
O D___Bogart’s Nod in the Marseillaise scene