O D___
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O dk-red--3___Outlaw Couple Films
O tan-arrow-4__ The real Bonnie & Clyde & 1930s USA
O tan-arrow-4-2__ Bonnie & Clyde, The New Hollywood, & the 1960s

O D___Basic
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Script at Screenplays for You website
O D___Script at IMSDb website
O D___Script from Film Anchor website
O D___Plot summary from old book for US students
O D___Long, detailed plot summary & commentary from Film Site website
O D___Big collection of top-quality stills on Screen Musings website

O D___People studying Bonnie & Clyde
O D___Educational notes from Connecticut 1976
O D___Discussion questions from Bishops University Quebec
O D___Worksheet from the University of Maryland Baltimore
O D___Worksheet from Youngstown State University Ohio
O D___Discussion questions from North West Shoals Community College Alabama
O D___Powerpoint of the North West Shoals questions
O D___Notes & little essay by New York university student
O D___Notes by Winona State University students
O D___Comparison with The Postman always Rings Twice on Illinois University blog
O D___Powerpoint on B&C & gangster genre from Ball State University Indiana
O D___Physics homework from Georgia Institute of Technology

O D___Short reviews, commentary & argument
O D___International Dictionary of Film & Filmmakers
O D___St James Encyclopaedia of Popular Culture
O D___The AV Guide website
O D___Only the Cinema blog
O D___Wonders in the Dark blog
O D___Nothing is Written blog
O D___The Film Doctor blog
O D___Atonal Film blog
O D___Framework magazine
O D___Discussion of sincerity & irony on Solpix website
O D___Short chapter on B&C from book on Fifty Key American Films
O D___Opening paragraphs of New Hollywood Cinema book
O D___Extract from American Film & Society book
O D___Analysis of editing from The Film Experience textbook
O D___Nonsense ‘hero’s journey’ interpretation on scriptwriting website

O D___Longer discussions
O D___Chapter from book on ‘great crime movies’, mostly production details
O D___Chapter from book on road movies
O D___Extract from book about crime films
O D___Extract from book on 1970s films
O D___Wittily written background & analysis article from Bright Lights Film Journal
O D___Excellent article on gender issues in the film, from Left History Journal
O D___Article on ‘outlaw cinema’, including B&C, from TCM film Festival programme
O D___Article comparing B&C with Badlands from Duel Lens website
O D___Extract comparing B&C with Badlands from Cinema Without Walls book
O D___Chapter on the politics of outlaw couple films from The Road Movie Book
O D___B&C section of The Road Movie Book chapter
O D___Chapter on production background & the ending, from Film Moments book

O D___Continuing Interest in Bonnie & Clyde
O D___There’s still a continuing interest in the idea of B&C, often influenced by the film
O D___Fashion tips from the LA Times 2008
O D___Trailer for Bonnie & Clyde vs Dracula due for release March 2011
O D___The Legend of Bonnie & Clyde by Tammy Wynette
O D___The Legend of Bonnie & Clyde by Merle Haggard
O D___Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde by Travis Tritt
O D___96 Bonnie & Clyde by Tupac
O D___97 Bonnie & Clyde by Eminem
O D___03 Bonnie & Clyde by Jay Z & Beyonce
O D___03 Bonnie & Clyde by Jay Z & Beyonce +Tupac
O D___03 Bonnie & Clyde by Jay Z, with clips from Mr & Mrs Smith
O D___Old 1968 Serge Gainsbourg song covered by Stereolab 1990
O D___Serge Gainsbourg song covered by PJ Harvey & co, Bristol 1996
O D___Serge Gainsbourg song covered by Seattle band The Walkabouts 1999
O D___Serge Gainsbourg song covered by New York band Luna, Brazil 2001
O D___Serge Gainsbourg song covered by Suzanne Vega, Paris 2010