O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___Introductory lesson notes
O D___Complete Code
O D___Check list
O D___Questions on censorship, applied to Gun Crazy & Bonnie & Clyde
O D___Complete Code on Arts Reformation website
O D___Quirky interactive copy of the Code, with commentary, on its own website
O D___Brief introduction to US censorship on BFI Screenonline website
O D___Short history of the Code from Introduction to Film textbook
O D___Notes for US PBS TV programme on Hays Code
O D___Radio programme, & transcript, on US NPR website
O D___History of US censorship timeline, from National Coalition Against Censorship website
O D___History of the Code from Ontario film Festival website
O D___University of Southern Mississippi students BA thesis on 1930s Code censorship
O D___ Short readings for Missouri University 1930s film course
O D___Powerpoint-type presentation from Washington University
O D___Very detailed 30-slide Powerpoint history of the Code, found on DocStoc website
O D___Jokey Powerpoint on Hays Code & crime films, from New Hampshire school
O D___200 things, of varying quality & usefulness, on YouTube
O D___ Prezi by US high school student
O D___Nuts to Will Hays, very rude 1930s porn comic

O D___Gun Crazy
O D___Summary of how Gun Crazy was censored
O D___Extract from book on film violence
O D___BBFC give 2008 re-release a PG certificate
O D___Questions on censorship, applied to Gun Crazy & Bonnie & Clyde

O D___She Done Him Wrong
O D___Censoring Hollywood book chapter
O D___Dame in the Kimono book chapter
O D___Mae West an Icon in Black & White book chapters
O D___Lecture notes from Harvard University film history course
O D___Essay on Free Online Research Papers website
O D___Chatty essay on Once Upon a Screen blog