O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___Production
O D___Dialogue script on Scriptorama website
O D___Title sequence on Forget the Film Watch the Titles website
O D___Accent Entertainment distributors press kit, including interviews
O D___Gaspar Noe interview on Indiewire website
O D___Vincent Cassell interview from the Guardian
O D___Vincent Cassell interview, on Film Monthly website

O D___Short Reviews
O D___Guardian -Peter Bradshaw
O D___Roger Ebert

O D___Analysis & Discussion
O D___Bibliophonic blog -long review article
O D___Kafka Dreams blog -Politics of the Extreme
O D___Film International -long, careful review article by Robin Wood
O D___Cinephile -Cinematography & Sensorial Assault
O D___Cinephile -Genre & Erasure of Body
O D___Bright Lights -Death, Excess & Discontinuity
O D___Social Semiotics -Backwards Narratives
O D___Predicate -lIrreversible & gothic literature
O D___Studies in European Cinema -Representation of Rape in Irreversible & Catherine Breillat films
O D___Milennial Cinema book -Time, Memory & Movement
O D___In Media Res website -stills & forum discussion of ending
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O D___
People Studying
O D___Brief emotional response analysis by AL FS student, on her blog
O D___Review essay by US university student, on her Meys on Scene blog
O D___Student essay by Elise found on Scribd
O D___Student essay by Brian found on Scribd
O D___Student comments on Miami University course blog
O D___Basic psychoanalytical analysis essay on Intrusive Thoughts blog
O D___Long essay on Natural Born Killers & Irreversible, probably US students BA thesis
O D___Deleuzian Analysis essay, plus a page of random notes, by Chicago University student
O D___Long essay on French Extreme Cinema, including Irreversible, by Oxford Brookes University student
O D___Short Irreversible section from MA thesis on French Extreme Cinema by Nottingham University student
O D___Irreversible section from MA thesis on Gaspar Noe & Bruno Dumont films by Ontario university student
O D___Irreversible & Funny Games chapter from PhD dissertation by Goldsmiths College student

O D___UK Reception
O D___200pp research report commissioned by BBFC on audience response to sexual violence in 5 films, including Irreversible
O D___Article by research assistant about the BBFC research, esp IMDb comments on Irreversible & A Ma Soeur, from Participations journal
O D___Essay discussing the BBFC research by Belfast MA student, from her now-deleted Feminist Gaze blog
O D___Chapter on reception & censorship etc in New Extremism in Cinema book
O D___Article about BBFC, Straw Dogs & Irreversible by Italian lawyer on Italian Dandi website