O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___IMDb
O D___Wikipedia

O D___Script
O D___2007 version
O D___2009 version
O D___2010 version

O D___Introduction
O D___Interview articles from American Cinematographer magazine
O D___Article from British Cinematographer magazine
O D___Fox video explaining how visual effects were created, on YouTube
O D__ More making of videos on Apple trailers site
O D___Video of Mark Kermode recording Radio 5 review, on YouTube
O D___Masses more clips, extras, interviews, reviews, parodies etc on YouTube

O D___Short Reviews
O D___Bright Lights
O D___Out Film Journal
O D___Scanners, with readers comments
O D___Living in Cinema, with readers comments
O D___Video review on Ebert Presents website
O D___251 reviews collected on Rotten Tomatoes website
O D___80 reviews & users comments collected on MRQE website
O D___42 reviews & users comments collected on Metacritic website

O D___Marketing
O D___Trailer on YouTube
O D___Official Fox website
O D___I Just Want to be Perfect Facebook
O D___Analysis of marketing from now defunct Movie Marketing Madness website
O D___Superb Powerpoint analysing marketing, by Scottish teacher Rick Instrell
O D___What if Posters Told the Truth? poster on The Shiznit website

O D___Analysis & Discussion
O D___Superb analysis Powerpoint by Rick Instrell
O D___Two-part discussion on Exeter University teacher’s Spectacular attractions blog
O D___Another two-part discussion on Alternate Takes blog
O D___Lengthy discussion on Slant website
O D___Lengthy review article on The Feminist Spectator blog
O D___Detailed analysis of bathroom scenes on Mirror blog
O D___Brief comments on Black Swan as a horror film, on PhD Octopus blog
O D___Short article on bodily experience from online journal Flow
O D___Article on female monstrosity from Australian university journal IM
O D___Conference paper on female monstrosity, from Inter-Disciplinary website
O D___Article on Visualising Pathology in Darren Aronovsky films, on German website Negativ
O D___Intelligent article comparing Black Swan & The Red Shoes, on Soft Morning City blog