O D___Pasted Graphic

O pasted-graphic-4___Bigger Than Life
O pasted-graphic-4___One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
O pasted-graphic-4___The Machinist
O pasted-graphic-4___Memento
O pasted-graphic-4___Peeping Tom
O pasted-graphic-4___Repulsion
O pasted-graphic-4___Black Swan
O pasted-graphic-4___Control
O pasted-graphic-4___Regeneration
O pasted-graphic-4___Family Life
O pasted-graphic-4___Keane

O D___Extract from book on films & mental illness
O D___MInds on Film section of Royal College of Psychiatrists website
O D___Psychflix, website about films & mental issues, with loads of reviews & articles
O D___List of relevant films on Chicago psychiatrist trainers website
O D___Film section of website about straitjackets, listing 100 examples
O D___Someone’s A2 FS coursework on mental illness films
O D___Someone else’s A2 FS coursework on mental illness films
O D___Birmingham University student’s MA thesis on ‘the continuing appeal of the screen asylum’