O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___Production Details
O D___Press kit production notes from US distributors Film District
O D___Different production notes from Cinema Review website
O D___Chapter 1 of the book
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Director Interviews
O D___Filmmaker magazine
O D___Film Junk website

O D___Cinematographer Interviews
O D___American Cinematographer magazine
O D___Moviescope magazine
O D___HD Video Pro website
O D___Arri cameras website

O D___Reviews
O D___Empire
O D___Guardian
O D___Mirror blog
O D___The Cooler blog
O D___The Film Doctor blog
O D___Cinema Autopsy blog
O D___Journal of Religion & Film
O D___Aesthetics of the Mind blog
O D___Cine Moi TV channel website

O D___Analysis & Discussion
O D___Drive edition of Little White Lies magazine -29pp
O D___Long review article on Videovista & Ruthless Culture websites
O D___Long review article on The Cinephile Fix blog
O D___Long review article on Film International magazine blog
O D___Article comparing Drive & Le Samourai from Film International
O D___Manic philosophical article from Senses of Cinema website
O D___Analysis of the elevator scene from Interiors journal

O D___People Studying
O D___Extensive, detailed commentary notes from US Teaching Film Study website
O D___Analysis of the elevator scene by Melbourne RMIT university student
O D___Analysis of the elevator scene by South Devon College BTEC student

O D___Ryan Gosling as Sex Object & Style Model
O D___Smart article on Clothes on Film blog
O D___Film Studies Ryan Gosling -flirtatiously recycled FS terminology

O D___Public History Ryan Gosling -more of the same