O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___Script
O D___Script on The Daily Script website
O D___High-quality stills on Evan Richards website
O D___High-quality stills on Screen Musings website
O D___Explanation of words & expressions for non-American-English speakers from ESL Notes website

O D___Production Details
O D___Article compiled from quotes from people involved, from Neon film magazine
O D___Similar article from Empire magazine
O D___Shorter article from Empire magazine website
O D___Little article about Jodi Foster’s performance as Iris, from Hotdog magazine
O D___Chapter from York Film Notes study guide book for AL students
O D___Chapter from book on Scorsese films
O D___Chapter from another book on Scorsese films, with lengthy production details & brief analysis
O D___Chapter from Scorsese on Scorsese book, where Martin Scorsese discusses production details & ideas
O D___Very long Paul Schrader interview article from Film Comment journal 1976
O D___Long article about Paul Schrader from Uncut magazine

O D___Reviews
O D___Andrew Sarris, Village Voice 1976
O D___Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times 1976
O D___Tribeca Film Festival blog 2011

O D___Basic
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Chapter from FS textbook
O D___Spark Notes -English Lit style notes for US students
O D___Long summary with running commentary on Filmsite website
O D___Brief analysis of the title sequence on Art of the Title Sequence website
O D___Neat compilation of overhead shots by Manchester AL FS teacher, on his Ellipsis blog
O D___Brief analysis of the opening scenes from MS textbook

O D___York Film Notes
O D___Little study guide book for AL students, by AL MS examiner Pete Fraser, long out of print
O D___Six extracts squashed onto old-style handouts
O D___Production details
O D___Mise-en-scene, camerawork & editing, characterisation & themes
O D___Chapters 1-3
O D___Chapters 4-13
O D___Chapters 14-21
O D___Chapters 22-28

O D___BFI Film Classics
O D___Little book by Amy Taubin in the BFI Film Classics series
O D___Scene-by-scene commentary extracts squashed onto three old-style handouts

O D___More Advanced
O D___Extract relating Taxi Driver to earlier films & to 1970s USA, from FS textbook
O D___Great little article about one shot in the film, from Reverse Shot website
O D___Two short extracts on camerawork & meaning from book on New Hollywood Cinema
O D___Analysis of restricted narration in the opening scenes, from FS textbook
O D___Discussion of masculinity & identity in Taxi Driver, from book on gender in film
O D___The Last Temptation of Travis Bickle -long article from Offscreen journal website
O D___Postmodern Anti-Hero: Capitalism & Heroism -long article from Bright Lights journal
O D___Long article about Vietnam war references in the film, on Cinema Prism blog
O D___Long article on The Aesthetics of Taxi Driver, from Danish journal POV
O D___Article about emotion & gender in reviews of the film, from psychoanalysis journal Free Associations
O D___Hardline analysis of ideological problems with the film by retired schoolteacher
O D___Chapter on TD & Social Disorganisation Theories from Criminology Goes to the Movies book

O D___People Studying
O D___AS FS coursework essay on diary scene
O D___AS FS coursework essay on Iris meeting scene, from old FS textbook
O D___Student essay with teacherly commentary, from The Art of Watching Films textbook website
O D___Notes by student from Winona University Minnesota, on course website
O D___Notes by Dubai student on his Journals on Cinema blog
O D___Comments by New York IB FS students on their class blog
O D___Powerpoints on the title sequence by AL MS students, found on Scribd website
O D___Essay on Travis’s existentialist angst by Quebec University student on their Didascalia course blog
O D___University student’s essay on Taxi Driver & existentialism, posted on Chicago teeshirt shop website
O D___University student’s essay on Taxi Driver as film noir, posted on Team Liquid games website
O D___Pittsburgh University student’s essay on the ending, on his Pop Smut blog
O D___Chapter from university student’s thesis, on his review website The Film Brief
O D___California film school student’s essay on Taxi Driver & The Searchers, on his website
O D___Ace 6000 word student essay on Taxi Driver as film noir, found on Scribd website
O D___Essay by Indian university student, found on Scribd website
O D___Chapter from Ohio University student’s PhD on Scorsese films
O D___Chapter from Louisiana University student’s PhD on Violence & Scapegoats in American Film
O D___Chapter from Louisiana University student’s MA on Disillusionment & Self-Fulfilment in 1970s US films
O D___Chapter from Warwick University student’s PhD on Films of Martin Scorsese 1963-77, later published as book

O D___
O D___Taxi Driver Movie Fun Mag
O D___Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver, on Press Play website
O D___Taxi Driver sweded by Michel Gondry, on The Playlist website