O D___
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O D___Review article on Open Democracy website
O D___Review article by Slavoj Zizek on In These Times website
O D___Review article on Hemanthology blog
O D___Film Education study guide
O D___Study guide for AL students from Cornerhouse cinema Manchester
O D___Article for AL students from Media Magazine
O D___Worksheet from AL students from After the Wall research network
O D___Lots of good material on course blog from Katikati College New Zealand
O D___Detailed plot analysis by US scriptwriting student
O D___Interview with director from US magazine Cineaste
O D___Shot-by-shot video analysis of extract found on IB FS teacher’s YouTube channel
O D___Shot by shot analyses by IB FS students at Frankfurt International School:
O D___Mads
O D___David
O D___Giorgio
O D___Taylor