O D___Pasted Graphic 2

O D___Official website
O D___Facebook
O D___Press kit, including background on the RAF, interviews, cast & crew details etc
O D___Production details article from American Cinematographer magazine

O D___Journals
O D___Article on BMC & two other films about the RAF, from Sheffield University journal Track Changes
O D___Article about BMC from London University politics journal Ephemera
O D___Article on death images in BMC from US journal Glossen
O D___Article on BMC & the RAF in Australian journal Rouge

O D___Books
O D___Companion to German Cinema
O D___Generational Shifts in Contemporary German Culture

O D___People Studying
O D___Discussion of BMC & other films by Roehampton University teacher, on his blog
O D___Leeds University student’s PhD on German terrorist films -written 2008 so sadly not including BMC

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