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O D___Leni Riefenstahl
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Official website
O D___Das Blaue Licht tribute website
O D___The Perpetual Dancer fan website
O D___Leni’s Rising Star fan site, closed down but still has freaky downloadable desktop wallpaper
O D___LEN-E news & discussion forum
O D___Interview with LR on US NPR radio 2002
O D___Short biography from book on documentary
O D___Short biography on US holocaust education site
O D___Short biography on UK holocaust education site
O D___Short biography on Jewish Virtual Library site
O D___Short biography on The German way website
O D___Short biography on women’s history section of About.com website
O D___Long, balanced biographical article by Thomas Elsaesser, from Sight & Sound 1993
O D___Shrewdly witty biographical article by Clive James, from New York Times
O D___Famous demolition of LR & Fascist aesthetics by Susan Sontag, originally published in NY Review of Books
O D___100th birthday article from Counterpunch magazine
O D___100th birthday article from Time magazine
O D___Guardian obituary article
O D___New York Times obituary article
O D___Artforum International obituary article
O D___Learning to Love LR, article by Slavoj Zizek in In These Times magazine (+ extras on D version)
O D___Rando comments on First Thoughts forum site
O D___Shrewd chatty discussion on The Thought Experiment blog
O D___Discussion of the films as propaganda on Kamera website
O D___Very long biography by Washington University teacher, from course website
O D___Good biography & discussion by California University student, from course website
O D___25 page oddly old-fashioned biographical essay by Utah Mormon university student
O D___Marathon analysis of seven LR films by Texas university student on his Cinema Sights blog
O D___Chapter from The Material Image, heavy art theory book

O D___Triumph of the Will
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Screenplay on Das Blaue Licht LR tribute site
O D___80 page study guide book
O D___Article from Sight & Sound 1981
O D___Article from Cinema Journal 1975
O D___Article from Film Studies journal 2004
O D___Article on the music from Music & Politics journal
O D___Short discussion on A March Through Film History blog
O D___Short handout for New York University screening
O D___Short article by Warwick University teacher on his Kinoeye blog
O D___Very good research tasks website for Australian school students
O D___Good analysis by Texas university student on his Cinema Sights blog
O D___Manchester University student’s BA dissertation on the film
O D___Chapter in Documenting the Documentary book
O D___Good chapter from book on the history of German film. Best overview in this list
O D___New York University MS students intelligent comments on their class blog
O D___Australian radio programme, with eminent expert guests

O D___Olympia
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Guardian article on the shameful legacy of the film
O D___Good paragraph on the stadium from film locations book
O D___Interactive website for students to accompany US PBS TV series
O D___Skimpy chapter from Key Films book for students
O D___Prezi by US school student, just basic facts etc
O D___Long, ace handout for screening at the University of Texas 1975
O D___Discussion & analysis, with YouTube examples, on New York Art teacher’s blog Counterlights Peculiars
O D___Balanced review on DVD Verdict website
O D___Short analysis & discussion on Film Reference website
O D___Short extract from book on sports documentaries
O D___Two little observations on Sit Down Man You’re a Bloody Tragedy blog
O D___Three relevant paragraphs from an article on The Handmaids Tale, in Studies in Canadian Lit journal
O D___Naively enthusiastic notes on Olympia from Sport history conference
O D___Short article on Olympia as propaganda from The Sport Journal
O D___Japanese conference paper on production & reception. Lots of detail but a bit naive & awkwardly translated
O D___Article on reactions to LR & Olympia in 1938 USA, from Historical Journal of Film, Radio & TV
O D___Heavy philosophical article relating Olympia to 1920s German mountain films, on Kino Fist blog
O D___Good analysis by Texas university student on his Cinema Sights blog
O D___Very good 20 page prize-winning essay, mostly analysis, by MIT Massachusetts student
O D___Another very good 20 page essay, on Fascism, dance & athleticism, by Philadelphia university student
O D___Second half of article on fascism, dance & female bodies, from Journal of the History of Sexuality
O D___Serious 30 page context & analysis article from US journal Critical Enquiry. Most useful overview in this list
O D___Long article about Olympia’s influence on, um, James Bond film title sequences, from Bright Lights Film Journal
O D___Music video by German band Rammstein, using extracts from Olympia, explained on Counter Currents website
O D___Main points from ten books & journal articles summarised by Pennsylvania University student

O D___1936 Berlin Olympics
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Current official Olympics website 1936 page, almost empty
O D___Official 1936 German report (in English) Volume 1 and
O D___Volume 2, 600 pages each, extensively illustrated!
O D___1936 section of Australian Olympics website for students, with masses of good handouts & teachers notes etc
O D___Basic notes on US Holocaust Memorial Museum website
O D___Historical background & details, from exhibition at US Holocaust Memorial Museum
O D___Good article discussing this exhibition, from Olympika journal
O D___Notes on historical background & details on Jewish Virtual Library website
O D___1936 section of German Olympics museum website -assorted memorabilia etc
O D___Ace powerpoint on Nazi ideology & culture from Greenwich University Art course
O D___Interesting discussion of Fascist aesthetics on Vancouver university MS course blog

O D___The Olympic Torch
O D___Guardian article on the 1936 Olympic torch
O D___Daily Telegraph article on the 1936 Olympic torch
O D___Notes on the 1936 Olympic torch on German Olympics museum website
O D___BBC News website article on the torch’s shadowy 1936 past
O D___Wikipedia on the 1936 torch
O D___Wikipedia on the 2012 torch
O D___Funny article on the Olympic torch in 1936 & 2012, on a blog called Like You’ve Got Something Better to Do

O D___Compare
O black-arrow __London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony
O D___Discussion-type questions on the 2012 ceremony, postmodernism & Olympia