O D___Pasted Graphic 1


O D___Dialogue transcript on Scriptorama website

O D___Reviews
O D___Empire
O D___Roger Ebert
O D___Scope, Nottingham University journal
O D___Purity & Precision, US Christian website

O D___Wikipedia
O D___Detailed summary & commentary on Filmsite website
O D___Detailed commentary & background notes, compiled from various sources, on US Teaching Film Study website
O D___Brief notes for Canadian students on SR & musicals genre
O D___Skimpy chapter from book for students on key films
O D___Better chapter from book for students on key American films
O D___Good analysis from US textbook The Film Experience
O D___Over-complicated extract from introductory book on film theory
O D___Theory & analysis article from 1970s cutting-edge Canadian FS journal Cinetracts 1977
O D___Ace notes for screening at Texas University 1982
O D___Powerpoint from Tennessee State university -70 slides, most with embedded video 2012
O D___Powerpoint on SR & sound by Steven Shaviro, Wayne State University Detroit 2011
O D___Long essay by NY university professor
O D___Long essay by another US university teacher, from Colby Quarterly journal
O D___Chapter on SR & film history from book about musicals
O D___Short extract on the film’s racism from another book on musicals
O D___SR section of article about the representation of women in musicals, from Jump Cut journal 1990
O D___Lists of, um, dynamics & throughlines from formulaic scriptwriting website Dramatica
O D___Sophisticated article on the design & use of Don Lockwood’s villa, from French film journal Positif
O D___Chapter applying various theoretical approaches to the film from advanced film theory book, excellent but hard work
O D___SR section of MA on three Gene Kelly films by Columbia University student
O D___70-page MA thesis on SR by student at Liberty (Christian) University Virginia
O D___Hypertext analysis of You Were Meant for Me sequence created by Australian student for online journal Postmodern Culture
O D___Detailed analysis of trailer from book about trailers, reprinted on Movie Trailers 101 website
O D___Tips on buying SR-Style clothes & home furnishing on Design Sponge website

O D___Hit Me With Your Best Shot
O D___Sixteen blog writers pick their favourite shot in SR
O D___The Family Berzurcher
O D___Dial P for Popcorn
O D___Serious Film
O D___Antagony & Ecstacy
O D___Coco Hits NYC
O D___Okinawa Assault
O D___Film Actually
O D___Being Norma Jeane
O D___Sorta That Guy
O D___Encores World
O D___Pussy Goes Grr
O D___Arf She Said
O D___Kelli Marshall
O D___Alison Tooey
O D___Lerblacompo
O D___The Film Experience

O D___Singin’ in the Rain Sequence
O D___The music
O D___Article from Scottish Media Studies teachers journal
O D___Storyboard to accompany this journal article
O D___Very simple analysis on H2g2 website, & recycled elsewhere
O D___Extract from book on SR by Peter Wollen
O D___Extract from MA thesis on SR by student at Liberty University Virginia
O D___Pipe-cleaner animation version, on YouTube