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For a brief period between 1983 & 1990, the Bristol-based Avon branch of the National Association for the Teaching of English enjoyed a wild flurry of enthusiastic activity. At its peak, there were fortnightly evening meetings in a local teachers centre, four all-day conferences, & several “working parties” on particular topics. The branch wrote & ran its own GCSE English syllabus & worked on a pioneering A Level in Cultural Studies. A newsletter, Avon English, was published sporadically, together with several other publications. This was all well before the advent of computers, & even electronic typewriters were quite rare & expensive, so most of this material was typed on old-skool manual typewriters, literally cut & pasted together with glue, Tippex & Lettraset, & duplicated on local school & college photocopiers. This is a representative archive but there are some gaps, notably in relation to the GCSE syllabus.

O D___Meetings Posters

O D___Avon English
O D___June 1984
O D___October 1984
O D___April 1985
O D___Autumn 1985
O D___January 1986
O D___April 1986
O D___July 1986

O D___Publications
O D___A Keyhole Guide to Jane Eyre: Introduction to reading critical theory
O D___The Wellwisher: Teaching narrative techniques through fantasy writing
O D___You’re Meant to Forget About the Tape-Recorder: GCSE oral work
O D___People Talking: Stories from the Bristol Oral History Project

O D___Teachers Conferences
O D___Autobiography
O D___Reading The Market: Teen Fiction

O D___Conferences for A Level Students
O D___See You Down the Troxy
O D___Ideal Holmes

O D___GCSE English Syllabus
O D___GCSE Survey
O D___Living With GCSE

O D___A Level Cultural Studies Syllabus
O D___Where Next Meeting
O D___Where Next Discussion Papers
O D___English Magazine article
O D___MOCS article
O D___Letters