O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___IMDb
O D___Wikipedia
O D___Wikipedia draft page
O D___Three drafts of the script, from Horror Lair website

O D___Lionsgate Hard Candy website
O D___Hard Candy page of Lionsgate publicity website
O D___Production notes for journalists etc from Lionsgate
O D___Better production notes from Vulcan Productions
O D___Points from the DVD Commentary, from Film School Rejects website
O D___Wkipedia on Nighthawks painting & cafe

O D___Ellen Page Online
O D___Fan website with Hard Candy page including
O D___Copies of 120 reviews & news articles
O D___1000 screen-grabbed stills

O D___Reviews
O D___Guardian
O D___Observer -Mark Kermode
O D___Sight & Sound -Linda Ruth Williams
O D___Reverse Shot website
O D___Spiked Online website
O D___Cynicritics -keen young amateur blog
O D___Critical review on Emanuel Levy website
O D___Review of Hard Candy & Teeth on US Christian feminist Clobberblog
O D___John Hopkins University Baltimore students review blog
O D___Crude laddish review on a blog called, um, Kokblok

O D___Interviews & Interview Articles
O D___Observer -David Slade

O D___Forums
O D___Review & readers comments on US feminist philosophy blog Thinking Girl

O D___More Advanced
O D___Essay on Hard Candy & Audition from Warwick University showcase journal Reinvention
O D___Ace article on Hard Candy & abjection from Georgia State University undergraduate journal
O D___Hard Candy section of Texas university students MA thesis on child sexual abuse films
O D___Conference paper by Lindsey Averill, Florida university teacher, on feminism in Ellen Page films
O D___First part of this conference paper is also on Lindsey Averill’s Feminist Cupcake blog
O D___Chatty discussion of gender representation & the male gaze, on Just Plain Something blog
O D___Essay criticising psychoanalytical Film Studies, with Hard Candy as example, from Ellecorphoto blog
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O D___
Red Riding Hood
O D___Article on RRH crime films from Winnipeg University Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research
O D___Summary of article & conference papers buy Natalie Hayton, De Montfort University Leicester
O D___Mark Kermode video about ‘girls in the hood’ on BBC website
O D___Epic entry on Sick Sad World blog, taking in RRH, colour symbolism, drugs, teen celebrities, paedophilia & numerous films

O D___
Torture Porn & Bad Girls
O D___These don’t mention Hard Candy are maybe indirectly relevant
O D___Long article from Cineaste magazine on the conservatism of Saw-type ’torture porn’
O D___Even longer article from Jump Cut journal on ‘torture porn & surveillance culture’
O D___Chapter on teenage bad girls from Newcastle University student’s PhD thesis on femmes fatales

O D___Students at Work
O D___Review & questions on Film Student Central -blog by keen film student
O D___Roehampton University student’s essay on politics in film, including Hard Candy
O D___Essay by someone learning English as second language, on Italki website
O D___Hartlepool Sixth Form College student’s practice essay for A2 FS exam question on emotional response
O D___A2 FS student’s research coursework blog on women in film
O D___University student’s research blog for essay on paedophiles in film
O D___Notes by Haringey Sixth Form College AS MS student, on her blog
O D___Powerpoint by AS MS student researching production ideas, on Slideshare
O D___Feeble A2 FS revision questions & answers from Cheshire college on Quizlet website