O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___Dialogue script on Scriptorama website
O D___65 quotes on Great Quotes website
O D___Detailed plot summary on The Terror Trap blog

O D___Wikipedia
O D___IMDb

O D___Production Details
O D___Trailer, posters, stills, photos etc from around the world collected on The Clint Eastwood Archive website
O D___Chapter from book on Clint Eastwood as filmmaker, with production details & a bit on audience reception
O D___Interview with Clint Eastwood in French magazine Positif 1985
O D___Extract from interview in a book of interviews with various directors
O D___Flickering Myth website

O D___Reviews
O D___New York Times 1971
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert 1971
O D___The Rumpus website
O D___Images journal
O D___The L Magazine
O D___Filmicability blog
O D___Next Projection blog
O D___Nessun Timore blog
O D___Agitation of the Mind blog
O D___Review by someone who remembers 1971, on Edward Copeland’s Tangents blog
O D___365 Days of Horror, blog by someone watching one horror film every day
O D___The Clint Eastwood Project, laddish blog by father & son watching all 60 Eastwood films
O D___Another Clint Eastwood Project blog by someone else watching Eastwood films
O D___This Distracted Globe, two reviews someone watching an Eastwood film every day for a month
O D___30 more reviews on Rotten Tomatoes website
O D___23 more reviews on MRQE website

O D___More Advanced
O D___Texas University student’s very good essay on Clint Eastwood’s star image, including a section on Play Misty
O D___Play Misty section of university student’s blog-essay on Clint Eastwood films, with clips & analysis
O D___Chapter on Female Power & Male Hysteria in Play Misty, from book on masculinity in film -4 pages missing
O D___One page on Play Misty from book on Clint Eastwood & masculinity
O D___Two pages from book on Clint Eastwood as a “cultural production”
O D___Two (separate) pages from book on “double vision” in Clint Eastwood films
O D___Play Misty compared with Hitchcock films on Once Upon a Screen blog
O D___Well-argued essay comparing Play Misty & Fatal Attraction, from And You Call Yourself a Scientist! website

O D___The Clint Eastwood Forums
O D___Masses of knowledgeable fan discussion on all aspects of Play Misty

O D___And Finally
O D___Downloadable font called Play Misty for Me