O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___Wkipedia
O D___Official website
O D___Dialogue transcript on Scriptorama website

O D___Philip Noyce etc
O D___Phillip Noyce career biography on Senses of Cinema website
O D___Phillip Noyce’s diary on Landmark Theatres website
O D___Short Phillip Noyce interview article on Reel Talk website
O D___Good, very long biographical research essay on Phillip Noyce & RPF by Melbourne university student
O D___Phillip Noyce & Doris Pilkington interview article on IO Film website
O D___Interview with scriptwriter Christine Olsen from Real Time magazine
O D___Review of published script from Screen Education magazine
O D___Great stills & artwork by cinematographer Christopher Doyle on Landmark Theatres website

O D___Reviews
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Senses of Cinema
O D___Real Time
O D___Spiked
O D___Bitch
O D___World Socialist Website
O D___Links to more reviews on Branagh Compendium fan website

O D___Study Guides etc
O D___All quite similar, but the ATOM & Fresh ones look nicest
O D___ATOM, Australian Media teachers organisation
O D___Another ATOM one, written for IP campaign, focussing more on history
O D___English Club, small Australian publisher
O D___Fresh Film Festival, Ireland
O D___DICE, intercultural education project, Ireland
O D___British Schools Film Festival, Germany
O D___The Case for Global Film, Roy Stafford’s website
O D___Educasia, Asian schools organisation -basic
O D___Sample pages from Australian schools textbook

O D___People Studying
O D___Webquest with instructions for research & creative writing
O D___Worksheets & scene-by-scene notes for Australian students from HSC Online resources website
O D___Worksheets for Australian students from Erudite resources website
O D___Detailed lesson plans from Riverside School Australia
O D___Downloadable notes & tasks from Geelong Grammar School Australia
O D___Advanced EFL lesson plans from teacher-training dept of Jena University Germany
O D___Introductory lesson by Norway teacher, on YouTube
O D___Notes by Florida State College teacher
O D___Questions worksheet from California school
O D___Questions & tasks on Culture class wiki from the Shanghai American School
O D___Questions worksheet from someones little Lost Generations course wiki
O D___Questions, tasks & Powerpoint on class wiki from Tolaga Bay School NZ
O D___Questions & tasks on class wiki from Alfriston College NZ
O D___Bits & pieces on neat class wiki from Lindau Germany
O D___Essay plan for review essay, on History teachers class website
O D___Skimpy scene analysis worksheet from Film Education
O D___Masses of work by students at Concord High School Australia, on their class wiki
O D___Article about drama lessons on RPF from NATE English Drama Media magazine

O D___More Advanced
O D___Someones excellent Prezi on social impact of the film
O D___Comments by NY university Anthropology students on their class wiki
O D___Lots of good discussion by NY university students on their World Lit class wiki
O D___Review essay by student at National University California
O D___Essay on racism by student at Putra University Malaysia
O D___Political theory essay by students at Jindal University India
O D___Essay on racism & colonialism by Sociology student at Humber College Ontario
O D___Clear & concise discussion of issues from introductory film theory book
O D___Thorough discussion article from Screen Education magazine
O D___RPF section of article on post-colonialism from London Papers in Australian Studies journal
O D___RPF section of an article on anti-colonial females in Australian films, from Postcolonial Text journal
O D___RPF section of article on religion in two Australian films from Sydney Studies in Religion journal
O D___Long article on empathy & history from Australian Humanities Review journal
O D___Sharp article on commodification from Australian Humanities Review journal
O D___Article on ideas of childhood from Australian Humanities Review journal
O D___RPF chapter in Understanding Sound Tracks Through Film Theory book

O D___History Background
O D___Study guide on the film, written by ATOM for IP campaign, focussing on history
O D___Study guide for History students from NCHE, Australian History teachers organisation
O D___Study guide on the book from huge Australian Human Rights Commission course on Aborigine issues
O D___Article about the Fence from Things magazine
O D___Old photos of the fence on Western Australia Library website
O D___Map showing the fences & the journey

O D___Reception in Australia
O D___Guardian article on controversy & debate about the film in Australia
O D___Supportive article by Robert Manne from Sydney Morning Herald
O D___Hostile article by Keith Windshuttle from his book website
O D___Keith Windshuttle says the film should be withdrawn from schools, reports The Australian
O D___Hostile article by Andrew Bolt from the Melbourne Herald Sun
O D___Another hostile article by Andrew Bolt from the Melbourne Herald-Sun
O D___Brief note on the poster controversy, from Australian Humanities Review journal