O D___
Pasted Graphic

O D___Script
O D___Script on Screenplay Explorer Website
O D___Jokey Abridged Script on The Editing Room website

O D___Weinstein Co Publicity
O D___Publicity site for journalists etc
O D___Interactive official site for hyperactive audiences
O D___Production notes

O D___Trailer
O D___Movie Trailers 101 blog, shrewd analysis

O D___Action Figure Dolls
O D___The Gawker website reports

O D___Comic-Book Adaptation
O D___Pop Matters review

O D___Overviews
O D___Unofficial DU fan site, with news & links
O D___Wikipedia

O D___QT Interviews
O D___The Root website -transcript of epic interview by Henry Louis Gates, in 3 parts

O D___Reviews
O D___Rotten Tomatoes -links to 240 reviews
O D___Metacritic -links to 42 reviews
O D___MRQE -links to 81 reviews

O D___Forums
O D___MUBI -various topics, including postmodern racism
O D___Criterion

O D___Surveys of Discussion & Debate
O D___Fandor Keyframe blog
O D___Slate website
O D___The Wrap website

O D___Analysis & Discussion & Debate
O D___Media Knowall website -very readable review article for AL MS students
O D___Ellipsis, Manchester AL FS teachers blog -ace analysis of genre & representation etc
O D___Empire magazine website -enthusiastic review article
O D___Semiotico, Warwick University teachers blog -short review article
O D___Sounding Out, Sound Studies blog -ace discussion of music in the film
O D___Vulture, NY magazine entertainment blog -A to Z list of film & TV references in DU
O D___From the Mind of Mikel, Worcester University teachers blog -conference paper analysing spaghetti western influences
O D___The Quietus, cool British online magazine -long article on some influences & antecedents
O D___IndieWire Playlist blog -article on pre-DU spaghetti westerns & slavesploitation films
O D___Special Affects, Pittsburgh University blog -comparison with Inglorious Basterds
O D___The Film Doctor, Carolina University FS teachers blog -review article discussing Tarantino-esque representation
O D___Wired magazine website -article on how DU fits into the interlinking-Tarantino-films idea
O D___Electric Meat, clever persons review blog -sharp review article discussing pastiche & over-indulgence
O D___Showbiz Monkeys -brief amateurish discussion of postmodern pastiche
O D___Postmodern Idiosyncrasies, pretentious English blog -asks can irony redeem exploitation & answers no
O D___Something Completely Different, theory blog -philosophical points about master-slave relationships in DU
O D___The Rumpus review website -five intelligent articles, especially No.3
O D___Pop Matters website -theoretical article discussing ideas about identity
O D___Pop Matters website -detailed analysis of racism
O D___Pop Matters website -another sharp analysis
O D___New Yorker magazine -article criticising representation of slavery
O D___Literary Ramblings, Canadian writers blog -lengthy reply to the New Yorker article
O D___Literary Ramblings, Canadian writers blog -lengthy reply to Spike Lee’s criticism
O D___Benefit of the Doubt blog -discussion of reactions to the film
O D___IndieWire Press play blog -article defending DU against simplistic criticism
O D___The Brooklyn Rail -NY culture & politics magazine -review article discussing Tarantino characteristics
O D___Counterpunch, US political magazine website -sophisticated article on jokes & racism
O D___Open Democracy website -sharp article on racist ideology
O D___World Socialist Web Site -article explaining why DU ‘gives off a foul & sinister odour’
O D___Kasama Project, website of militant US organisation -hardline political analysis
O D___Socialist Unity blog, sees DU as exploitation of black history
O D___Red Youth UK, CPGB youth section blog -review article summarising plot & criticising absences etc
O D___Werehirwerequeer Texas gay blog -chatty political discussion of the good, the bad & the dialectic
O D___The Weeklings website -long article on DU’s success in provoking discussion
O D___New Black Man blog -long essay by Atlanta professor
O D___Kaia Shivers blog -analysis by NY MS teacher & researcher
O D___Cosmic Hoboes, Afropessimist blog -article on the actors & acting
O D___The Lens, New Orleans news website -basic discussion of racism
O D___Racialicious blog -discussion of representation & racism
O D___The Root, black US culture & politics website -sympathetic review article, with loads of readers comments
O D___Buzz-Feed, gossip & news website -Article about watching DU as the only black person in a small town US cinema
O D___The Gawker, NY media news website -article asking when should white people laugh in DU, with loads of readers comments
O D___Nonsite, online theory journal -long article about neoliberal dehistoricising in DU & other films, and-
O D___The Red & the Blue, Daily Pennsylvanian newspaper politics blog -discussion of the Nonsite article
O D___Three Quarks Daily, intellectual web-surfing blog -more comments on the Nonsite article
O D___The Arts Fuse, Boston magazine -short, angry article about history dumbed down
O D___Interrogating the Reel, review blog -nicely written article comparing DU favourably with LIncoln
O D___Counter-Currents, extreme right-wing US website -extraordinarily nasty review & commentary

O D___
Students at Work
O D___US students blog applying critical theories to DU
O D___Review by Canadian student on MS class blog
O D___Review by Frankfurt International School student, on her MS blog
O D___Review by Gateshead student, on his AS MS blog
O D___Analysis of trailer on A2 MS students production blog
O D___Analysis of website on Sussex A2 MS students production blog
O D___Brief reference to editing example on Jersey students AS MS production blog
O D___QT interview video recommended for AS MS representation students, on Mossbourne School MS blog

O D___Finally
O D___Vanity Fair magazine -article & slide-show on DU costume designs
O D___Cine-Stylist website -DU-style fashion tips