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O bright-red-arrow-2___Third Cinema
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Video etc
O D___Part 1 with subtitles on YouTube
O D___Video essay comparing Furnaces & Len Lye films, made by Catherine Grant for Sussex University sit-in
O D___Stills with text from Towards a Third Cinema, on The Seventh Art blog

O D___Solanos & Getino
O D___Towards a Third Cinema, manifesto by Fernando Solanos & Octavio Getino, originally in Tricontinental journal 1969
O D___Fernando Solanos & Jean Luc-Godard conversation, recorded by Berkeley Third World Cinema Group, Paris 1969
O D___Fernando Solanos official website, in Spanish, with a section on Furnaces
O D___Fernando Solanos interview from Cineaste magazine 1969
O D___Fernando Solanos letter to audiences of 1989 re-release
O D___Notes on Third Cinema by Octavio Getino, late 1970s
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Analysis & Discussion
O D___Ace anthology compiled for 2010 New York screening. Most of the contents are listed separately here
O D___Article from Evergreen Review New York 1969
O D___Long article from Film Quarterly 1970
O D___New York Times review 1971
O D___Article by Robert Stam, originally in New York journal Millenium 1980, reprinted in several books
O D___Long essay from The Mass Ornament website
O D___Long essay on EPLACITE film school website, in Spanish but readable with Google Translate
O D___Vertigo -Mariano Mestman
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Sight & Sound article reprinted on Alborada website
O D___Senses of Cinema
O D___Senses of Cinema article reprinted on Libya 360 website
O D___Wonders in the Dark blog