O D___pasted-graphic

O D___David Peace Books
O D___1974 ePub
O D___1977 ePub
O D___1980 ePub
O D___1983 ePub
O D___DP explains RR background on Crimetime Website 2001
O D___DP interview article from New Statesman 2001
O D___Long serious DP interview article from Contemporary Lit journal 2006
O D___DP interviewed by Katy Shaw at Brighton University 2011 -video
O D___Faber DP interview 2009 on YouTube
O D___Ch4 The Art Show on DP Joker Ripper Hunter Writer 2003
O D___Book review on Conversational Reading blog
O D___Books review on Underground Man blog
O D___Books review on Influx Press website
O D___Books review on Pechorins Journal blog
O D___Brief poetic book review on Northern Light blog Helsinki
O D___Brief comments on music connections on Second Sight blog
O D___Article on Gordon Burn influences in RR on Quietus website
O D___Chapter on 1977 from 21st Century Fiction book
O D___Half a chapter on RR from Constructing Crime book
O D___Three chapters from Analysing DP book -ed Katy Shaw
O D___Cambridge Quarterly review of another book on DP by Katy Shaw
O D___Article on policing in RR on Crimeculture website -Katy Shaw
O D___Article on post-industrial gothic in RR from Review of Contemporary Fiction journal -Katy Shaw
O D___Article on masculinity in RR from Sociology & Criminology Open access journal -Martin King & Ian Cummins
O D___Article on place & memory in RR from int Journal of Criminology & Sociological Theory -Martin King & Ian Cummins
O D___Article on celebrity & the murder leisure industry, including RR, from Textual Practice journal
O D___Amsterdam University students 60-page MA dissertation on representation of Leeds in RR
O D___DP thread on Palimpsest forum
O D___DP thread on Barbelith forum

O D___Production & Publicity etc
O D___IFC Website
O D___IFC Facebook
O D___IFC program book for US screenings
O D___IFC press pack for journalists -30 pages of plot summaries, interviews etc
O D___Channnel 4
O D___Screen Yorkshire
O D___1974 trailer & clips on New York Times website
O D___1980 trailer & clips on New York Times website
O D___1983 trailer& clips on New York Times website
O D___1974 Script
O D___Joke abridged script from The Editing Room blog
O D___Article by Tony Grisoni copied from press pack for BFI NFT screening
O D___Article by Tony Grisoni on writing script from Vertigo magazine
O D___Tony Grisoni interview from Sight & Sound
O D___Tony Grisoni interview from Dread Central blog
O D___Tony Grisoni interview shared by three UK blogs
O D___Screen Yorkshire Tony Grisoni interview on YouTube
O D___Julian Jarrold interview from In Contention blog
O D___Julian Jarrold interview from Cinema Without Borders website
O D___Julian Jarrold & James Marsh interview from The Rumpus website
O D___James Marsh interview on Paste magazine website
O D___James Marsh interview on IFC Fix blog
O D___Screen Yorkshire James Marsh interview on YouTube
O D___James Marsh interview on Guardian podcast
O D___Short directors interview article from the Guardian
O D___Paddy Considine interview from Maxim magazine
O D___Paddy Considine interview article from the Guardian
O D___Sean Bean interview article from The Times
O D___The Mighty Bean fan site -lots of RR stuff
O D___Long interviews article from Expletive Deleted blog
O D___Short interviews article from New York Times
O D___Article on low-budget filming from Daily Mail
O D___Technical article from Fuji Exposure magazine
O D___Article on making 1980 title sequence on Dexigner blog, with video
O D___Notes for 1980 score CD on Blackest Ever Black record label website
O D___Behind the scenes video on the Guardian website
O D___One minute interviews video on Daily Telegraph website
O D___US NPR interview-based radio programme, with transcript
O D___Short IFC Making Of video -Quicktime
O D___Article on serial cinema fon IFC Fix blog
O D___TV audience figures from the Guardian
O D___John Stalker’s reaction reported in Yorkshire Post

O D___Magazine & Newspaper Reviews
O D___Sight & Sound
O D___Film Comment
O D___Cineaste
O D___American Cinematographer
O D___New Statesman
O D___Spectator
O D___Time Out
O D___New Yorker
O D___New York Times
O D___New York Times audio & stills
O D___New York Review of Books
O D___Chicago Reader
O D___Guardian -seven articles
O D___Independent
O D___Daily Telegraph
O D___The Sun
O D___Spenborough Guardian -Yorkshire
O D___Radio Times
O D___Other TV listings magazines
O D___Daily Mash -joke review

O D___Blog & Website Reviews etc
O D___Filmic
O D___Filmwell
O D___Filmsweep
O D___Digital Fix
O D___DVD Talk
O D___Reverse Shot
O D___Match Cuts
O D___Cine Outsider
O D___Sound on Sight
O D___Cinematic Paradox
O D___Cinema Viewfinder
O D___Gateway Cinephile
O D___Majority Rights
O D___Movie Blog -8 pages
O D___Same Cinema Every Night
O D___Wax Conspiracy -Epic plot summaries
O D___Ruthless Culture -16 pages, lots of stills
O D___We Can Rebuild Him -bullet point notes
O D___Global Comment
O D___Fantastic Journal
O D___Schleicher Spin
O D___Salon
O D___Slant
O D___Factual Opinion blog podcast
O D___Rotten Tomatoes -links to 11 reviews
O D___Metacritic -links to 15 reviews
O D___MRQE -links to 30 reviews
O D___Electrical Audio forum
O D___RR Tumblr

O D___Favourites
O D___Ace article from Splice FS teachers journal
O D___Article for AL students from Media Magazine -Roy Stafford
O D___Four things on The Case for Global Film website -Roy Stafford & Keith Withall
O D___Six things by Mark Fisher mostly from his K-Punk blog
O D___Three things from Birmingham University students ace research blog
O D___10 40 70 analysis by Nicholas Rombes from The Rumpus blog & his 10 40 70 book
O D___Short piece on architecture in RR by Owen Hatherley from Building Design Online
O D___RR section of De Montfort University PhD on British retro films

O D___Yorkshire Ripper
O D___Ballad of the Yorkshire Ripper by Blake Morrison
O D___Blake Morrison reading & explaining the Ballad on YouTube
O D___Review of Ballad from Womens Review magazine
O D___Essay plan notes on Ballad
O D___Two articles from New Society magazine 1978
O D___Article from Feminist Review journal 1981
O D___Article by Patricia Highsmith from London Review of Books 1984
O D___Article by David Peace from New Statesman 2003
O D___Article by David Peace on Daily Beast website 2010
O D___Article by David Peace from New Yorker 2013
O D___Encyclopaedia of Modern Murder
O D___Pictures of Women book
O D___Lust to Kill book
O D___Leeds United song by Luke Haines
O D___Leeds University students Graphics project
O D___Yorkshire Ripper Website with obsessive archives
O D___1981 book telling the story