O D___Pasted Graphic

O dk-red-__ British New Wave

O D___Book
O D___Complete book Epub
O D___Introduction to schools edition by Alan Sillitoe
O D___Spoof Digested Read version from the Guardian
O D___Lit context & analysis -Representations book
O D___SNSM as Serious Novel -Critique journal 1960
O D___SNSM & fertility myths -Modern Fiction Studies journal 1964
O D___Loss & potential -Socialist Register journal 1988
O D___Affluence, masculinity & class -Modern Fiction Studies journal 2001
O D___Class & masculinity -Journal of English Lang & Lit Turkey
O D___SNSM & carnivalesque realism -English journal
O D___University essay on patriarchy in SNSM & Billy Elliot
O D___Conference paper on dialect, class & immigration in SNSM & The Lonely Londoners
O D___Representation of femininity in Alan Sillitoe books -Postgraduate English journal
O D___Alan Sillitoe section from Leeds University PhD on working class fiction
O D___50th anniversary tribute by Mick Hume on Spiked website
O D___50th anniversary tribute on History is Made at Night blog
O D___Agitation of the Mind blog
O D___Alan Sillitoe interview -Modern Fiction Studies 1979
O D___Alan Sillitoe profile article -Guardian 2004
O D___Alan Sillitoe final interview -Independent 2010
O D___Alan Sillitoe obituary article -Guardian 2010
O D___Alan Sillitoe Committee website
O D___Committee members interviewed on TCM Movie Morlocks blog
O D___Ciaran Browns fan site, including lots on Alan Sillitoe & SNSM

O D___Cast & Crew etc
O D___Alan Sillitoe on writing the screenplay -New Left Review 1960
O D___Notes for OU Cast & Crew TV programme
O D___Production & background details from 60s British Cinema book
O D___Times Higher Ed article written by his son on academic views of Karel Reisz films
O D___Radio 4 Great Lives programme by Stephen Frears on Karel Reisz
O D___Article on Albert Finneys career from John Hopkins University Review journal
O D___Interview with Shirley Anne Field from Cinema Retro magazine
O D___Short video of interview with Shirley Anne Field on BFI website

O D___Short Reviews etc
D___Sight & Sound 1961
O D___Daily Mail 1960
O D___New York Times 1961
O D___BFI Screenonline
O D___Turner Classic Movies
O D___Review extracts collected on NY Alt Screen blog
O D___Website notes for screening at MoMA NY
O D___Kamera website
O D___Filmycks blog
O D___ithankyou blog
O D___Cine Outsider blog
O D___Broken Projector blog
O D___Wonders in the Dark blog
O D___Quote of the Day on Cinema Fanatic blog
O D___Remembered 37 yrs later -Sight & Sound 1997
O D___Video of interview with Ray Winstone on BFI website, including brief SNSM discussion
O D___SNSM Flickr Hivemind
O D___SNSM Tumblr
O D___BFI DVD booklet

O D___Longer & More Advanced
O D___Two articles & a letter from New Left Review 1960-1
O D___SNSM, Room at the Top & Cultural Revolution by Arthur Marwick -Journal of Contemporary History 1984
O D___SNSM section from Leicester University discussion paper on New Wave 1997
O D___Multiple Voices on Page & Screen -Edinburgh University Forum journal
O D___Program notes from Austin Texas Film Society website
O D___Teenage Worker in 1950s Britain research wiki by Leeds University student
O D___Long essay on SNSM & gender by Huddersfield University Politics student, on his blog
O D___Essay on class, Britishness & masculinity by Sunderland University BA MS student
O D___Masculinity & responsibility in SNSM & other 1960 media -Conference paper Prague 2012
O D___Barcelona University students 350p PhD thesis on SNSM & Loneliness of Long Distance Runner
O D___New Wave context, production details, brief analysis -Representations book
O D___Production details, analysis, reception -Hollywood England book
O D___New Wave context, brief analysis -Routledge Encyclopedia of Film
O D___Production & representation -Short Cuts British Social Realism book
O D___Example of Classic Realism -Ways of Reading book
O D___Work & class -Work in European Cinema book
O D___Arthurs arrogance vitality & individualism -Film & the Working Class book
O D___How Arthur changes from confident to diffident -Typical Men book
O D___Masculinity, huskiness & passivity -Me Jane book
O D___Landscape & realism -Social realism book
O D___BBFC negotiations -Censored book
O D___BBFC negotiations -Censorship & the Permissive Society book
O D___BBFC negotiations, reception -Jeffrey Richards & Anthony Aldgate Best of British book
O D___US reception -Foreign Film on American Screens book
O D___Context, production, analysis -Karel Reisz book -best thing in this list

O D___A Level
O D___Skimpy notes from Film Club
O D___Good notes on Uxbridge College A2 MS Blog
O D___Two Powerpoints on Uxbridge College A2 MS blog & Scribd
O D___A2 MS students essay on SNSM & collective identity, shared on Scribd
O D___Brief analysis on A2 MS students production blog
O D___SNSM bits from British Cinema in the 1960s BFI pack by Wendy Hewing
O D___Worksheet from BFI MS teachers conference 1998 by Wendy Hewing
O D___Article from ITP teachers magazine on teaching British cinema by Wendy Hewing
O D___SNSM & Room at the Top essay plan c2000
O D___AS FS coursework essay Bridgwater College c2000 1
O D___AS FS coursework essay Bridgwater College c2000 2

O D___Nottingham Then & Now
O D___1960 cuttings from local newspapers collected on Lenton local history group website
O D___Locations then & now links
O D___Alan Sillitoe interview -Nottingham Evening News 1961
O D___1964 Nottingham edition of Anarchy magazine
O D___SNSM Authentic Moment photography exhibition
O D___SNSM Authentic Moment exhibition catalogue
O D___Article on Nottingham & Authentic Moment exhibition -Spokesman journal
O D___Article on mapping Sillitoes Nottingham from IBG Transactions journal
O D___Sillitoe Trail website & mobile app
O D___Sillitoe Trail booklet
O D___Being Arthur -24hr Sillitoe Trail Twitter project
O D___SNSM edition of Left Lion magazine
O D___Sillitoe refs on James Walkers Dawn of the Undead book blog

O D___Music & Theatre
O D___Theatre production Harrogate 2008 students notes
O D___Theatre production Manchester 2012
O D___Musical theatre version Nottingham 2012 -production blog
O D___Jazz version 2013 -Coup Perdu record label website
O D___Jazz version concert review on That How the Light Gets In blog

O D___Iconography & Fashion
O D___Menaissance blog -Arthurs cool wardrobe
O D___Revolver Project, retro fashion company website tribute
O D___White Coffee magazine blog -Arthur as style icon
O D___Google search for SNSM Smiths Morrisey -3000 results
O D___Google Search for SNSM Arctic Monkeys -3000 results
O D___More popular culture refs on Wkipedia SNSM page