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O D___Production & Publicity
O D___Celluloid Dreams press book
O D___Celluloid Dreams official website

O D___Daniel Bruhl Interviews
O D___BBC Collective website
O D___Interview magazine
O D___Guardian

O D___Study Guides etc
O D___Film Education
O D___German Film Learning Initiative -video with transcript & questions
O D___Worksheet from Michigan Tech University
O D___A2 MS textbook

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O D___German Film Learning Initiative
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O D___ZigZag Education -cropped preview

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O D___Workers Liberty
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O D___Socialist Standard
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O D___Little White Lies
O D___Jump Cut -German website
O D___New York Times
O D___Atlas Society -US right-wing crackpots
O D___Lost Picture Show podcast
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O D___Rotten Tomatoes -75 reviews 69%
O D___Metacritic -28 reviews 68%
O D___MRQE -71 reviews

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O D___Liminalities Journal of Performance Studies
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O D___Impure Cinema
O D___Generation Shifts
O D___Cinema & Social Change
O D___Collapse of the Conventional
O D___Memories of 1968 -Chapter by Chris Homewood
O D___Cinema & Social Change -Chapter by Joanne Leal

O D___People Studying
O D___Short review by teacher on Oakland University class wiki
O D___Essay by London University student on QMUL Mapping Contemporary Cinema website
O D___Review comparing The Edukators & 2013 film The East on Stockport 6th form college AL FS teachers blog
O D___Nine short reviews by students on Long Road 6th Form College Cambridge AL FS website
O D___A2 FS students Prezi on Urban Stories films
O D___Another A2 FS students Prezi on Urban Stories films
O D___Leeds University research on how eyes read subtitles!