O D___Pasted Graphic

O dk-blue-arrow-3___French New Wave
O dk-blue-arrow-3___Jean-Luc Godard

O D___Production Details
O D___Original treatment by Francois Truffaut
O D___Three-line screenplay by JLG
O D___Storyboard from Hooded Utilitarian blog
O D___Production Details from Everything is Cinema Book
O D___Technical details from French Film Guide book
O D___Plot summary by US distributor

O D___Reception
O D___Cahiers du Cinema 1960
O D___Sight & Sound 1960
O D___Film Quarterly 1961
O D___Film Facts 1961
O D___New Yorker 1961
O D___New York Times 1961
O D___NY Film Bulletin 1962
O D___NY Film Bulletin 1963 -JLG interview
O D___Richard Thompson 1967
O D___Village Voice -Oliver Stone 1972

O D___Journals Magazines Newspapers
O D___Wide Angle -David Bordwell 1984
O D___Spectator -USC 1988
O D___Chronicle of HE
O D___Vertigo
O D___Lit Film Quarterly
O D___POV -Jump cuts
O D___American Scholar
O D___French & Francophone Philosophy
O D___Cineaste
O D___Big Picture
O D___Senses of Cinema
O D___Images
O D___Film Comment 2010
O D___New York Times 2010
O D___Time Out NY 2010
O D___Daily Telegraph 2010
O D___London Review of Books 2010
O D___International Business Times

O D___Blogs & Websites etc
O D___Cinephilia
O D___Cinemaniacs
O D___KineCritical
O D___Sand Cinema
O D___Taste of Cinema
O D___Cutting on the Action
O D___Really Good Topics in Film
O D___Film Journal -Obscure refs
O D___James River Film Journal
O D___Film Reference
O D___Film Journal
O D___Film-com
O D___Noir Whale
O D___White City Cinema
O D___Dancing Image
O D___Long Pauses
O D___Motley View
O D___H-France
O D___French Film Site
O D___Importantish
O D___Inquisitor
O D___Artifice
O D___Pol Culture
O D___Culture Court
O D___Cultural Zeitgeist
O D___Philosophy of Design
O D___Westminster Wisdom
O D___Thought Catalogue
O D___Sober Certainty
O D___Movie Martyr
O D___Salon
O D___Slate
O D___Turner Classic Movies website
O D___TCM festival Outlaw Cinema programme
O D___Jonathan Rosenbaum -Criterion DVD commentary

O D___Books
O D___Routledge Encycopedia of Film
O D___I Lost It at the Movies -Pauline Kael
O D___25 Great French Films -Roger Ebert
O D___Films of JLG -David Sterritt
O D___Everything is Cinema -Richard Brody
O D___History of New Wave -Richard Neupert
O D___Pkt Essential French New Wave
O D___Films of Jean Seberg
O D___French Film Texts & Contexts
O D___Unravelling French Cinema
O D___Cinema of France
O D___French Cinema
O D___French Cinema -Raymond Durgnat 1963 5/-
O D___Rutgers Films in Print -Dudley Andrew
O D___European Cinema
O D___World on Film
O D___World Cinema Through Global Genres
O D___A Certain Tendency of Hollywood Cinema
O D___Film Editing
O D___Technique of Film Editing
O D___Altering Eye
O D___Film Remakes
O D___Play It Again Sam

O D___FS Textbooks
O D___A2 FS textbook
O D___Key Film Texts
O D___Teach Yourself FS
O D___Introducing Film
O D___Film -An Introduction
O D___Film -A Critical Introduction
O D___Film Art -Bordwell & Thompson

O D___Study Guides etc
O D___Feeble notes from Film Club
O D___Feeble notes from Film Education
O D___Bit better notes from old Film Education booklet
O D___Patchy notes from A2 FS textbook
O D___Media Magazine article
O D___Good ITP notes by Roy Stafford
O D___Analysis of opening by Roy Stafford on Case for Global Film website
O D___York Film Notes -complete very thorough book in old-style booklet format
O D___Thorough notes from website for US textbook Looking at Movies
O D___Well-researched notes for Dakota State Film Committee screening c1968
O D___Brief notes for course at The New School New York 1972
O D___Careful, lengthy notes for screening at Texas University 1981
O D___Biographical notes for screening at SUNY Buffalo 2002
O D___Cool notes on Breathless & stylishness from SUNY Buffalo course blog 2012-13
O D___Also, Powerpoint-with-audio lectures (Weeks 3 & 4) from SUNY Buffalo course
O D___Notes on editing, with YouTube links, on ace course blog from York University Toronto
O D___Detailed notes on Breathless existentialism from Minnesota University philosophy course
O D___Worksheet from Clayton State University Georgia USA
O D___Methodical set of clips & questions from Davidson College North Carolina
O D___Ace handout from Essex University BA course
O D___Big booklet of extracts for A2 FS from Malmesbury School Wiltshire
O D___Good notes on Breathless & FNW from Collingham College London AL MS & FS blog
O D___Questions for A2 FS from Halesowen College
O D___Powerpoint shared on TES Connect 1
O D___Powerpoint shared on TES Connect 2
O D___Powerpoint shared on TES Connect 3
O D___Neat interactive video essay by US filmmaker on YouTube
O D___Shots collection for Alabama University course
O D___Wikipedia page on jump cuts

O D___Students at Work
O D___Ace essay on human agency & freedom by Stanford University student
O D___Essay on editing in Breathless & The Birds by Massachussets University MA student
O D___Long essay on youth culture in Breathless by Canadian university student, published in university journal
O D___Essay on Breathless & history of editing by Australian university student
O D___Detailed analysis of conversation in Breathless & two other films by Amsterdam university student
O D___Short, endearingly titled general essay by another university student
O D___Short essay on Breathless & FNW by Pennsylvania university student
O D___Essay by another Pennsylvania university student on his blog
O D___Essay on Breathless & 1991 film Slacker by US university student
O D___Essay on Breathless & 1999 Film Felicia’s Journey on university students blog
O D___Final scene shot-list & notes on Washington university students blog
O D___Gorgeous-looking project by NY university graphics student
O D___Prezi on genre, editing, themes etc by US university students
O D___Primitive course blog notes by New Jersey university student
O D___Student’s brief notes on Who is the Foreigner in Breathless?
O D___Essay on Breathless & FNW by US Engineering student, on Hub Pages website
O D___Essay by Sri Lanka writer, probably student, on Quest for Magic of Cinema blog
O D___Basic notes on Breathless by Malaysian university students on their FNW blog
O D___Breathless section of PhD on FNW by Southern California University student
O D___Short essay on auteur style in Breathless & Pierrot Le Fou by London AL FS student
O D___Essay on still images in Breathless from Academic Secrets website -$14 per essay
O D___Essay on realism & naturalism in Breathless from UK Essays website £150 per essay
O D___Essay on self-referentiality from UK Essays website
O D___Ofqual research report on essays-for-sale websites