O D___Pasted Graphic

O dk-red-___French New Wave

O D___Publicity Material
O D___Press pack for 1959 New York release
O D___Flier for 1973 New York release
O D___Press pack for 1984 San Francisco release

O D___Reviews etc
O D___French Film Site -production details
O D___One paragraph by Jean Luc Godard in Cahiers du Cinema 1959
O D___Review from Letter From France magazine US 1959
O D___Review from the Art Film Magazine US 1961
O D___Criterion US DVD Booklet
O D___Short essay from DVD booklet on Criterion website
O D___New Statesman magazine
O D___Chicago Sun-Times -Roger Ebert
O D___Konangal Film Society India website
O D___Fifi Organisation website
O D___Ferdy on Films blog review essay
O D___Really Good Topics in Film blog
O D___In a Lonely Place blog
O D___Serene Velocity blog
O D___Loaded Film blog
O D___Dusted Off blog
O D___Kleph.com blog
O D___Scanners blog -opening
O D___Precious Bodily Fluids blog -notes
O D___US Chronicle of HE -Teaching 400B
O D___Short video of Mike Leigh introducing 400B -BFI website

O D___Cleverer &/or Longer
O D___The Move -MUBI Notebook blog
O D___Absorption -PopMatters Website
O D___Breaking 4th wall -5 lines from Reading University blog
O D___The Ending -POV journal Denmark
O D___400B & Breathless -Sober Certainty blog
O D___Methodical analysis of narrative -Film Sufi blog
O D___Overblown review-Senses of Cinema 2000
O D___Childhood -Senses of Cinema 2014
O D___Children -American French Teachers French Review journal
O D___Children -US student’s BA thesis
O D___Maternal identity -French Cultural Studies journal
O D___Social change -Soft Morning City blog
O D___Social justice -Phillipines University Politics & Film course blog\
O D___Discipline & punishment via Foucault -3 Quarks Daily blog
O D___Boyhood in 400B & 2 other films -Red Feather journal
O D___400B & 2001 Chinese film What Time Is It There -Trantextes Transcultures journal
O D___Earnest article from American Medical Association ethics journal Virtual Mentor
O D___Chapter from MIT MSc thesis on cinematic space
O D___Chapter from Ontario University MEd thesis on studying film
O D___400B & cinematic literacy -US Teacher Education Quarterly

O D___Books
O D___Key Film Texts
O D___Routledge Encyclopedia of Film
O D___Closely Watched Films
O D___Film Analysis Reader
O D___Cinema of France
O D___French Film Texts & Contexts
O D___World Cinema & the Ethics of Realism
O D___Companion to FT -chapter on 400 Blows & children

O D___Study Guides etc
O D___Feeble notes from Film Education
O D___Good study guide booklet from Fresh Film Festival Ireland
O D___Program notes for screening at Philadelphia Art Museum 1963
O D___Notes for screening at Texas University 1982
O D___Notes for screening at SUNY Buffalo 2008
O D___Nice mise en scene Powerpoint from Ball State University
O D___Difficult Powerpoint from Harvard University FS course
O D___Extensive detailed notes by Minnesota University teacher
O D___Long 2015 Cine-Files article by Arkansas university teacher on teaching 400B
O D___Notes & Questions from Vancouver Cinematheque
O D___Notes & questions by Istanbul University teacher
O D___Methodical set of clips & questions from Davidson College North Carolina
O D___Notes & Questions from Central Oregon Community College
O D___Questions from Portland Community College Oregon
O D___Powerpoint for AL FS shared on TES Connect website
O D___The Film Experience textbook
O D___Essential Cinema textbook

O D___Students at Work
O D___Good analysis by student at Shanghai American School on their IB Film wiki
O D___Analysis by student at Santa Barbara City College California
O D___Short sample essay from College of Du Page Illinois website
O D___Students skimpy review Powerpoint shared on Slideserve website
O D___Good research essay by university student on her empty blog
O D___University students psychiatric report on Antoine shared on Scribd
O D___US student’s BA thesis on children in Truffaut films
O D___Someone photographing all the shots from the film in Paris 2014

O D___Francois Truffaut chooses the films title