O D___
O D___Pasted Graphic 1

O dk-red-___French New Wave

O D___Production Details etc
O D___Dialogue transcript on Scriptorama website
O D___Intro to Screenplay book -Raymond Durgnat
O D___Production Details -La Repubblica & Bright Lights website
O D___Student Powerpoint on the real-life JJ

O D___Introductions & Reviews etc
O D___Sight & Sound Review 1962
O D___Criterion DVD booklet & website
O D___French Film Site
O D___Spinning Image website
O D___Dancing Image website
O D___Sound on Sight & Studies in Cinema websites
O D___Precious Bodily Fluids blog -sharply sceptical
O D___10 min video of John Hurt discussing JJ on BFI website

O D___Longer &/or More Advanced etc
O D___Long old-school Eng Lit type article from Sight & Sound 1963
O D___Long, very good background & interpretation essay -Hooded Utilitarian blog
O D___Long background & commentary article -Tangents blog
O D___Careful camerawork & editing analysis -Cinephiles & Literati blog
O D___Long careful camerawork & editing essay by Montreal university student
O D___Bridge shot & background -One Shot blog
O D___Analysis essay -Really Good Topics in Film blog
O D___Review of Criterion DVD extras -PopMatters website
O D___Gender politics -MUBI Notebook blog
O D___A queer reading -PopMatters website
O D___Guardian article by Germaine Greer
O D___JJ & Chaos Theory -Milan University course website
O D___Style & fashion -Classiq blog

O D___Books
O D___Truffaut book
O D___Becoming Film Literate
O D___Companion to FT -JJ
O D___Companion to FT -JJ & Walter Benjamin

O D___People Studying
O D___Analysis question from A2 FS textbook website
O D___Notes for screening at Texas University 1982
O D___Notes for screening at SUNY Buffalo
O D___Methodical set of clips & questions from Davidson College North Carolina
O D___Notes by Roy Stafford for course at Cornerhouse Manchester 2001
O D___Student responses on WCU University course blog
O D___GCSE Accounting exam -see question 5