O D___Car

O D___Production
O D___Script on Screenplays for You website
O D___Three Screenplays TH introductions
O D___Guardian transcript of TH & JM interview at NFT 2003

O D___Books
O D___BFI Classics book Ch1
O D___TH Contemporary Film Directors
O D___Cinephilia
O D___Film Remakes
O D___World Cinema Dialogues
O D___Adaptation in Contemporary Culture
O D___It Came from the 1950s
O D___Post-Pop Cinema
O D___Screening the Past
O D___Theorising Desire
O D___Queer Images
O D___Sleaze Artists
O D___Passionate Politics
O D___Melodrama Aesthetics of Impossibility

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O D___Cineaste
O D___Scope
O D___Slant
O D___Ruthless Culture
O D___One Movie Blog
O D___The Seventh Art

O D___Journals etc
O D___Camera Obscura -Sharon Willis
O D___Camera Obscura -Mary Ann Doane
O D___Camera Obscura -Lynne Joyrich
O D___Cinema Journal -Salome Skvirsky
O D___Off-Screen
O D___Off-Screen -FFH & Carol
O D___Senses of Cinema
O D___Jump Cut
O D___Scope
O D___The Grove
O D___Kult
O D___GLQ Journal of Lesbian & Gay Studies
O D___Image & Narrative
O D___University of Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies

O D___People Studying
O D___Media Magazine
O D___Screen Education Australia
O D___Istanbul University worksheet on Aneblog blog
O D___Scapoose High School Oregon worksheet
O D___Sophia University Tokyo teachers Powerpoint
O D___New School NY student Powerpoint
O D___KCL student essay -Billy
O D___KCL student essay -Nace
O D___Pennsylvania University student essay
O D___California State university student essay
O D___Memphis University student essay
O D___University of Southern California conference paper
O D___Venice University PhD program essay
O D___Oslo University MA
O D___Pittsburgh University PhD -Salome Skvirsky

O D___Also
O D___All That Pastiche Allows -Catherine Grant video essay
O D___Design Sponge