O D___Pasted Graphic

O D___Watchmencomicmovie.com, big fan website with lots of useful material on both the book & the film, some listed separately below
O D___Warner Bros Watchmen Community website, with lots of pictures & videos etc

O D___The Book
O D___Complete book 1-12
O D___BA thesis by Finland student, on narrative in Watchmen
O D___BA thesis by Oregon University student, on Watchmen as literature
O D___BA thesis by student from Liberty Christian University Virginia, on literary themes in Watchmen
O D___BA thesis by student from Wesleyan University Connecticut, on Watchmen’s place in the history of comics
O D___Article from US Journal of Popular Culture, on ideology & superheroes, including Watchmen
O D___Article from Harvard University Divinity Bulletin, on vulnerability & ethics in Watchmen
O D___Article from UK lit journal Peer English, on history of the future in Watchmen
O D___Very difficult chapter on Watchmen from Comics as Philosophy book

O D___Script
O D___Unproduced script by Sam Hamm 1989
O D___Script by David Hayter & Alex Tse 2007
O D___Notes on 1989, 2003 & 2006 versions, on io9 website
O D___Notes on 1989, 2003, 2006 & 2007 versions, on Watchmencomicmovie.com website

O D___Reviews, Analysis & Discussion
O D___Dismissive review from New Yorker magazine
O D___Angry reaction to New Yorker review, from Essieteric blog
O D___Long chatty fan review from Aint It Cool News website
O D___Fan’s review & discussion, on his blog
O D___Fan review on Mad Minerva blog
O D___Video & diiscussion about the iPhone app on In Media Res website
O D___Good article on how comic techniques are adapted in the film, from Acephalous blog
O D___Article on Watchmen & 9/11 from NY magazine The Indypendent
O D___Article on the film’s politics from Living Liberally blog
O D___Article on representation of lesbianism in the film, from Bright Lights blog
O D___Article from Deep Focus website on postmodernism & gender in the film
O D___Article from Summa Anthropica blog, on philosophical conflicts in the story
O D___Article from US Cinema Journal, on adapting Watchmen after 9/11
O D___Article from Australian journal Colloquy, on time & change in the film
O D___1st Yr BA research project by student from Richmond College USA, on Watchmen & the global finance crisis
O D___BA thesis by Connecticut College student, on post 9/11 masculine heroism in comic book films, including Watchman
O D___Difficult article from US journal CineAction, on phenomenology, film theory & watching films, including Watchmen

O D___Forum Discussions
O D___Echo Chamber -morality in Watchmen
O D___Reddit -ethics in Watchmen