O D___Pasted Graphic 2

O blue-arrow___Rosetta
O blue-arrow___The Promise
O blue-arrow___The Son
O blue-arrow___The Child
O blue-arrow___The Silence of Lorna
O blue-arrow___The Kid With a Bike
O blue-arrow___Two Days One Night
O blue-arrow___The Unknown Girl

O D___Intro Surveys & Screening Seasons etc
O D___Films du Fleuve -DB production company
O D___They Shoot Pictures Don’t They
O D___International Film Guide Book 2012
O D___Arsenal Cinema Berlin season 2009
O D___ICA Season 2015

O D___Books
O D___Committed Cinema -ed Bert Cardullo
O D___European Directors & their Films -Bert Cardullo

O D___Interviews
O D___Guardian BFI 2006
O D___Cineaste 2003
O D___Cineaste 2006

O D___Martin O’Shaughnessy
O D___Debt, Lorna & Time Out -SubStance 2014
O D___Debt, Lorna & Time Out -France & La Crise blog 2013
O D___French Cinema & the Political -Studies in French Cinema
O D___French Film & Globalisation -French Politics Culture & Society
O D___French Film & Work -Framework

O D___Lauren Berlant
O D___Post-Fordist Affect in The Promise & Rosetta -Public Culture
O D___Post-Fordist Affect in The Promise & Rosetta -Cruel Optimism book
O D___Summary & questions from Arizona University course blog
O D___Students notes from Indiana University course blog

O D___Film-Philosophy
O D___Review of Luc Dardenne book -Joseph Mai 2007
O D___Mortal Ethics, DB & Levinas -Sarah Cooper 2007
O D___Occupy Without Counting, Furtive Urbanism in DB -RD Crano 2009
O D___Leftover Spaces -Benoit Dillet & Tara Puri 2013

O D___Other Journals etc
O D___Life on Earth -Robin Wood -Artforum 2006
O D___Post-Neorealism -Excavatio 2007
O D___Art & Politics, Reinventing Realism -Cineaste 2006
O D___Empathetic Projection -Richard Rushton Screen 2014
O D___Extract from Filmosophy book -Daniel Frampton -Vertigo
O D___Implicating the viewer in The Son & The Child & HIdden -CineAction 2006
O D___Homofraternity & Hospitality, Derrida, The Promise & The Son -French Studies
O D___Anxiety, Memory & Place in Beligian Cinema, The Promise & Rosetta -Yale French Studies
O D___Pedagogies of Perception, DB & Deleuze -Policy Futures in Education journal
O D___Dignity & Physical Drama in The Promise & Rosetta -PopMatters
O D___Invisible Ethical Drama of Faith Without Faith -Religions journal
O D___Psychology Degree Zero -Critical Inquiry 2015
O D___Video introduction to Critical Inquiry article
O D___The Sleep of the Just -Tony McKibbin website
O D___Moral Beauty -Senses of Cinema 2016
O D___Social realism -UCL conference paper
O D___Unsung Films -Influence of Bicycle Thieves
O D___Liberal Taste in Sight & Sound -Mattias Frey -Screen
O D___Cinema Without Borders -Jamie Steele -Trespassing
O D___Marketing a Cinema of a Small Nation -Jamie Steele -Cultural Zeitgeist blog
O D___Work Time in The Promise, Rosetta, The Son & The Child -Corey Creekmur Vimeo

O D___