O D___pasted-graphic

O blue-arrow___Dardenne Brothers

O D___Production & Publicity
O D___Artificial Eye website
O D___Artificial Eye pressbook
O D___Wild Bunch pressbook
O D___Curzon cinemas magazine

O D___Dardenne Brothers Interviews
O D___Guardian -CS
O D___Guardian -XB
O D___NY Times -AOS
O D___NY Times -LR
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O D___Time Out
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O D___AFC -Alain Marcoen DOP Interview

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O D___Fandor Keyframe survey of Cannes Film Festival reviews
O D___Fandor Keyframe survey of NY Film Festival reviews
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O D___Little White Lies
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O D___Case for Global Film
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O D___Infernal Machine
O D___Liz Heron blog
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O D___Hope Lies at 24 FPS
O D___Remember Your Training
O D___Thats How the Light Gets In
O D___Movies that Make You Think
O D___I Love That Film -Pete Turner Bracknell College
O D___Reflections on Cinema & Culture blog
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O D___Catholic Digest -SDG
O D___Crux -SDG
O D___VJM Right Wing Film Geek
O D___American Conservative
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O D___Analysis & Discussion
O D___Criterion DVD & website -Girish Shambu &
O D___Earlier version on Girish Shambu blog
O D___Film Quarterly
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O D___MOMI Reverse Shot
O D___Film International
O D___Essence of Film
O D___Ferdy on Films
O D___Montaigbakhtinian
O D___LA Review of Books
O D___Journal of Religion Film & Media -Gender & self in 2D1N & Rosetta
O D___Neoliberalism -Western Political Science Assn conference paper
O D___Cleo -Escaping capitalism in 2D1N & Fish Tank
O D___Eleven Polaroids -One paragraph from Ken Loach interview
O D___Pointless comparison with 2014 US film Mme Bovary from Script magazine
O D___Unions in films -Guardian
O D___UK legal rights -The Employment Journal -Lewis Silkin
O D___Despair of the Low-Paid -Nick Cohen -Observer
O D___Art & politics of solar panels -eFlux

O D___M@n@gement -French business & politics journal
O D___Introduction
O D___The Objective Violence of Capitalism
O D___Subjective Struggles in the World of Work
O D___Why Don’t Employees Collectively Rebel?
O D___Struggles Over Liminal Time

O D___People Studying
O D___Notes from talk at Bradford Media Museum by Roy Stafford
O D___Exeter University Exeter Picturehouse Screen Talks -Jamie Steele
O D___Worksheet from Educators Resource Pack for ICA screening
O D___Vimeo video essay by North Carolina student Marshall Shaffer &
O D___Camel City Dispatch review by Marshall Shaffer

O D___The Weight of the World
O D___Shop Stewards World chapter
O D___Angela McRobbie on WW -Theory Culture & Society journal, reprinted in her Uses of Cultural Studies book
O D___Nick Couldry on WW -Cultural Studies Critical Methodologies journal
O D___Extract from Daewoo by Francois Bon, from Words Without Borders website